“ISIL’s reach is incredible”

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin realises he faces a tough task.


“ISIL’s reach is incredible”

“I am personally troubled, but also organisationally very troubled, by their ability to influence our youth.”

We should be troubled by officials who call Mohammedan headbangers “our youth”.  The soldiers of allah are the enemy of Australians and the free world.

Islamic State terror raids disrupted plans says new Australian Federal Police boss Andrew Colvin, Herald Sun


Australian fugitive terrorist Khaled Sharrouf.

Australian fugitive terrorist Khaled Sharrouf. 

THE Australian Federal Police drafted a control order for Australia’s most wanted terrorist, Khaled Sharrouf, but decided against pursuing it before he illegally left Australia on his brother’s passport. (Thanks to Mullah, pbuh)

2 thoughts on ““ISIL’s reach is incredible””

  1. Instead on pussy footing around and worrying about cultural, community and social bullshit we should be going in and going in hard. These parasites have no respect for us or our laws and only acknowledge force. The more you bend and agree with community encounter groups, bleeding hearted numbskulls, pathetic Green and advocate groups and the fairies at the bottom of the garden the more these Islamic parasites will use and abuse the system against us. Will somebody finally get some BALLS and do what we pay them to do, These feral swine should have been ferreted out years ago.

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