‘The First Amendment knows no heckler’s veto…”

Too bad for all those who don’t have a first amendment and the right to bear arms to enforce their freedom of speech.

Muslim Terrorists Want to Stage a European 9/11 for Christmas

FrontPage Magazine

Muslims have plans to give Europe a Christmas present.


‘The First Amendment knows no heckler’s veto.”

Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller:

The MTA says that if it runs our ad, Muslims may take it to heart and start killing Jews. Doesn’t that make the MTA “Islamophobic”? Zead Ramadan, call your office!
 The MTA’s rejection was based upon a “security assessment” by the MTA, claiming that it feared that some New Yorkers (presumably Muslims) would likely take the Hamas quote to kill Jews as a religious instruction and engage in imminent violence and attack Jews.
 “Documenting crime causes crime.” How on earth did this person become a police officer?  These are the people we pay to protect us.
Ferguson and Islamic Holy War Against America 
Islamic supremacist groups co-opt the riots as part of their own Jihad. (on The Glazov Gang | FrontPage Magazine)
“Hamas fighters would burst into the AP’s Gaza bureau and threaten the staff—and the AP wouldn’t report it.”