Australian counter-terror police ‘stopping 400 per day’

Beyond stupid.

For f*kcs sake, let them go!

I curse our moronic government that holds them back.

Australian police are stopping hundreds of people every day at airports in an attempt to prevent would-be jihadists leaving the country.


A new counter-terror unit conducted nearly 76,000 “real-time” stops – more than 400 per day – at eight airports between August and February.

I say let them blow each other up over there before they blow us up over here! Let them go and make sure they are never allowed to return!

3 thoughts on “Australian counter-terror police ‘stopping 400 per day’”

  1. I ask yet again “WHY ARE WE STOPPING THEM” ?
    Pay for their airfares, cancel their passports and then wait for the marvellous news when their get killed. Pardon the pun, but this would kill two birds with the one bullet.

  2. I’ll carry the jihadi bastards bags to the treminal
    for muhammad fn sake let them go

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