“Runaway Girls”

Runaway girls helped by Isis double agent
 Good riddance! No one in his right mind should waste a thought on  these fanatical  jihad supporters. The question is, why are the authorities not cracking down on those who brainwashed them in the first place? And why do their tantrum throwing families need protection, at taxpayers expense, from those they hate with religious passion?2667E16200000578-2988146-image-m-97_1425997236626
clearFrom the TimesITV News and the Guardian Again I would call the girls ‘defectors’. Were they of age I would say traitors.

Turkish authorities arrested a man working for the US-led international anti-Isis coalition yesterday, alleging that he was a rogue spy who had helped three British girls to reach Syria.

On Thursday, Turkey’s foreign minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu told Turkey’s state broadcaster: “Do you know who was the person who helped these girls? This person was caught. It turned out to be someone who worked in the intelligence services of a country in the coalition.”

He said the agent was neither a national of an EU state nor the US, but did not give any further detail about how or where the alleged spy was captured.

Çavuşoğlu said he had informed his British counterpart, Philip Hammond, of the development. “He told me ‘just as usual’,” said Çavuşoğlu, without explaining further.

Some early reports linked the man to Canada but a government source in Ottawa said the person was not a Canadian citizen and was not employed by its intelligence services.

The Foreign Office has released a statement confirming that Turkish National Police have arrested a man alleged to have helped three British schoolgirls cross into Syria.

Agent ‘working for Canadian intelligence’ has been arrested in Turkey for allegedly helping three British girls cross into Syria to join ISIS 

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Hugh Fitzgerald speaks truth to power:

The Misdelivered Letters, Litotes, The Tear-Stained Charade:

From the BBC story about the Muslim families of the three little maids from school, pretending for the British poublic they had “no idea” what might have led their dutiful, and very Muslim daughters, from going off to Syria, and instead playing the victim and demanding an apology from the Police Commissioner because, even though the families at the Bethnal Green School had indeed received a prior warning, the letters sent to the parents were entrusted to the students to deliver, and the three little maids did not deliver theirs. Why, it’s practically Tess of the d’Urbervilles. You can find more on this Muslim-staged charade, with a Muslim politician running the show, and a Muslim lawyer presenting the fake aggrievements of the very Muslim, very devout families (look at the dress of the Begum sister) at the BBC.

In the next edition of some Handbook of Figures of Speech (think George Puttenham, think Sister Miriam Joseph, think Professor Quinn) I hope Cameron’s remark will appear as an example of “litotes” or, in the alternative, it could appear among the watch-out-for-this monitory examples in a new edition of Fowler and Fowler’s “The King’s English”:

“Mr Cameron said “everyone has a role to play” in stopping Britons joining IS, including politicians, parents, communities and schools.

“When you have got educated [!] British[!] schoolgirls at an outstanding school[!} in Greenwich finding it somehow attractive to get on a plane to travel to Syria to go and live in a country where gay people are being thrown off buildings[note the very first thing that comes to his mind] and British citizens are being beheaded [“British” only?]and appalling brutality [is there brutality that does not appall?]is being meted out [do you “mete out…brutality”?], we have a problem,” he said.

Everyone In The U.K., In The World, Worried About Those Three Girls Headed To Syria

Hugh Fitzgerald

It was on the BBC, and CNN, and all the American networks. In the U.K., Prime Minister Cameron has been concerned. It’s all over the place — what oh what can be done to find those three little maids from school, the school itself, Bethnal Green, even being shown on international networks.

This insensate interest in these three girls, who apparently have been so impressed by what they have learned about the works and days of the Islamic State — the kidnappings, the beheadings, the Shari’a-compliance officers, the fun for girls with manly suicide-vested scimitar-wielding heroes for our (Muslim) time — all this is what made them buy tickets from London to Istanbul — amazes. Who cares if they go? Let them go, and let them never come back.

It amazes, and it disgusts, because for years and years thousands of girls, English girls, in Rotherham and a dozen other places, indeed all over the country, have been lured by Muslim men of every age, into becoming sex slaves, subject to every sort of abuse, and not only did no news channel anywhere, even locally, cover the story, but the local police, always and everywhere, tried to cover things up, to look the other way, to minimize matters. And that allowed the fantastic goings-on to continue, and it is only after many years that a true relation of the matter has appeared.

One hopes that many will note this difference, and in the British newspapers, on the radio, on television, on the Internet, will descant and yet again descant upon it.