Hussein Obama tells Bibi “the status quo is unsustainable.”

Me thinks Hussein Obama  is unsustainable.

The U.S. has repeatedly opposed the recognition of Palestine statehood at the UN, but the administration Obama regime has also long been asserting its unhappiness about Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

YI1AGkUMUSLIM WAR ON ISRAEL: Obama Says He Will No Longer Protect Jewish State

“While taking into complete account Israel’s security, we can’t just in perpetuity maintain the status quo and expand settlements. That’s not a recipe for stability in the region,” the American leader said.

The president did not say what Netanyahu’s response was regarding his emphasis on the two state solution during the phone call, but he noted, “We take him at his word when he said that it creation of a Palestinian state wouldn’t happen during his prime ministership.”

Netanyahu didn’t contradict himself, as Legal Insurrection notes. He didn’t he was against a two-state solution, he said that it wouldn’t happen while he is prime minister because of the instability in the Arab world:

“I think that anyone who moves to establish a Palestinian state today, and evacuate areas, is giving radical Islam an area from which to attack the State of Israel,” Netanyahu said. “This is the true reality that has been created in past years. Those that ignore it are burying their heads in the sand. The left does this, buries its head in the sand, time and again.”

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