“Unfairly targeted”

It’s get-real time

Andrew Bolt

A little more realism about the more likely sources of terrorism would be welcome:

MUSLIMS say they are being unfairly targeted in the counterterrorism crackdown at Australian airports, with a South African businessman and his son-in-law speaking out about their treatment.

In other news:

School run by alleged al-Qaida operative can stay open in Montreal

1297677142439_ORIGINALMONTREAL — A community college says it has no choice but to let alleged al-Qaida sleeper agent Adil Charkaoui re-open his suspended qur’anic Montreal school after determining it had no legal grounds to shut it down.

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  1. Tough s**t mate! Judging from your appearance, I am not the least bit surprised that you were “detained”. Congratulations to the alert customs people.

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