“Kecia Ali is a Muslim feminist scholar …”


More of the politically correct obfuscation that academics pump out by the gallon these days. “The Lives of Muhammad by Kecia Ali, Reviewed by Robert Spencer,” Middle East Quarterly, Spring 2015:

Here, the essence of her nonsense:

Kecia Ali’s book includes the fanciful claim that “Muhammad eventually abjured violence and pursued a daring, inspired policy of nonviolence that was worthy of Gandhi,” an assertion with no basis in Islamic texts.

BTW, her Boston University CV contains the following article:

“ ‘A Beautiful Example’: The Prophet Muḥammad as a Model for Muslim Husbands.” Islamic Studies, 43:2, Summer 2004, pp. 273-91.”

That ought to be a howler!

“Kecia Ali is a Muslim feminist scholar …” That tells a us all we need to know. She is anti-white, anti-male and most certainly anti-Christian and anti-Jewish. She is being supported by white male taxpayers.

Perhaps we should ask her these questions:

1) Does the Holy Quran command to fight until there is no God but Allah?
2) Was it normal in Arabia circa 623 AD for a man to marry a 6-year old girl and consummate the “marriage” when she was nine?
3) Did the Holy Prophet make for two contract murders (Abu, Asma) that were carried out?
4) Did the Holy Prophet personally supervise the mass murder of nine hundred people?
5) Did the Holy Prophet run a protection racket forcing non-Moslems to pay a monthly service fee?

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  1. She’s just looking for a Muslim husband, you know, hopefully an Omar Sharif clone.

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