What Value Should We Put On “Diversity?”

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Vlad Tepes

Geert Wilders in Austria: “Marine Le Pen is a hero

 As long as its got “diversity” in it its all good

But you don’t find that diversity in Islamic countries.


UNITED NATIONS — Zeid Raad al-Hussein, the first U.N. human rights chief from the Muslim and Arab worlds told the Security Council on Friday that in a “most terrible irony,” the Islamic State group may be more accepting of the ethnic diversity of its members than some states are about ethnic differences among their own citizens. (Muslims are known to do da’awa in the strangest situations)

 “Misunderstanding Dispelling” Needed

Rabbi told to remove kippa at Toulouse polling station

Caused by “the overzealous behaviour of someone who does not know election rules”.


A rabbi in the city of Toulouse has filed a complaint for discrimination after a polling clerk told him he would have to remove his kippa, or Jewish skullcap, before voting in local elections.


4 thoughts on “What Value Should We Put On “Diversity?””

  1. Racial/religious/cultural diversity is a b*llsh*t concept, just like Islamofauxbia. It has no legitimacy for any reason.

  2. Blind “multi-culturalism” is the suicidal masochistic invention of only one “culture.”

    “Multiculturalism” pretends that, because all the mere superficial symptoms of growing up in different parts of the world (appearance, skin tone, sartorial variances and ‘preferences’ for, and familiarity with, various types of ‘ethnic’ foods, all really only depending on environment) are of only negligible importance, that “All Cultures Must Be The Same!”

    (And to shallowly concentrate on these merely geographical symptoms to group-stereotype people, is idolatry).

    There are really only two “cultures” in all of nature: the symbiotic, (law-abiding) one, and the other parasitic, (criminal) one. Period.

    “Multiculturalism” is not only racism – pretending others’ inferior, murderously criminal cultures are equal to our rational, law-abiding one because to do otherwise might hurt the poor mentally inferior “swarthy” animals’ feelings, and so ‘make’ them react violently, as they, being enslaved by their animal instincts and all, are so prone to do – but therefore it’s also slander against the entire Western world, because it implies we have historically used our superior intelligence to pick on our inferiors!

    And because “only whites can be racists,” communazis presume that the only way to eliminate racism is to dilute and destroy the white race.

    So ONLY White, Western cultures are forced to be “Multi-Cultural.”

    Blacks and whites are on par in equal numbers worldwide today.

    The intolerant Saudis aren’t derided for banning all non-muslims from Mecca. Nobody forces the “racist,” isolationist Japanese or Chinese to open their borders to “poor” muslim immigrants or ebola-stricken Africans. Nobody forces black Africans to self-dilute by importing hordes of Asian settlers to occupy their lands.

    Enforcing tolerance of one’s narrow version of diversity is neither diverse nor tolerant – it’s intolerant conformity!


  3. furthermore only peaceful like grazing animals (or well trained attack dogs) will be allowed to exist. All aggressive carnivorous like animals will exist in limited numbers in ZOOS.

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