Today in nothing to do with Islam:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali for CIA Director

Sunday saw two sharply differing views of the jihadist enemy we are facing. One was offered by a man who is supposed to know about such things; the other by a woman who surely does.


On Fox News, CIA Director John Brennan declared that jihadism “is a corruption of the Islamic faith. … It does not represent the Muslim community or Islam.”

John Brennan is dead wrong. Ayaan Hirsi Ali for CIA director!


A FIVE-year-old boy is being used to advertise a “controversial” Islamic conference set for Melbourne this weekend.

The deputy head boy of a prestigious Church of England school is feared to have fled the country to join Islamic State.

Why “feared?” Don’t you think it is a blessing if these wannabe headchoppers join their fellow jihadists?

Zubair Nur, 19, is suspected of attempting to travel to Syria to join ISIS

Zubair Nur, 19, is suspected of attempting to travel to Syria to join ISIS

Shocked Muslims, Shocked Shiites:

Muslims in shock since appalling attack on ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in Paris


Every Muslim has been in utter shock since the senseless, appalling and cowardly attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris two months ago. This horrific attack is a complete violation of Islamic law and norms, and the perpetrators are in no way representatives of the Muslim people or the religion of Islam. …

More chaff from the ‘Grand Mufti of Egypt’ at Irish Times, Shawki Allam   via Mullah