Mark Steyn: Imam Obama’s Easter Message

Obama Lectures Christian On Easter Prayer Breakfast – Mark Steyn – Hannity

Fox News’ Sean Hannity and author and columnist Mark Steyn break down Barack Obama’s latest attack on Christians and his upside-down world view.

At the end of the segment Hannity tells Steyn, “You know, I have now come to the conclusion that, I’ve studied him now going way back to 2007, Mark, there is an unknown something with Obama. An untold story, I don’t know what it is. People are going to say, they’re going to assume what I’m thinking. I don’t know the answer. Everything is upside down in the world of Obama and none of it makes a lot of sense to me and it seems extraordinarily dangerous. On foreign policy, and even the economy, doubling the debt and all of these people on food stamps and on poverty. So.”

Imam Obama Speaking on Islam and Christianity – Compilation

From Gates of Vienna:

‘Imam’ Trad


The misguided sermon of Keyser Trad

Paul shines a light on some of the atrocities Keyser Trad has condoned in the name of defending his faith. (Video)

 by Christina Mcintosh
As dutifully and unquestioningly reported by Rachel Olding for the Islamophile “Sydney Morning Herald”.  It boggles my mind that the slimy Keysar Trad – who I am sure walks down the street every day without the slightest fear of being lynched or shot or blown up by anyone (except perhaps by a more-Islamic-than-thou fellow Mohammedan) – can have the hide to claim that Muslims are being treated badly in Australia.  It is even more mind-boggling that our media swallows and publicises his baseless whingeing. 

In Australia, Keysar Trad, Sinister Ummah Gang Boss, Claims Aussie-Resident Muslims Are Being Treated Badly

clear Muslims in Australia do not suffer anything that could remotely be called persecution or discrimination, not in comparison to the horrifying persecution and discrimination that is routinely meted out by Muslims, all over the world, to defenceless non-Muslims.

“Persecution pushing young Australian Muslims to the margins of society”, says leader.

“Leader”.  But isn’t the Mohammedan colony in Australia supposedly ‘led’ by their grand mufti?  – CM

‘Young Australians (sic: young Australia-resident Muslims – CM) are joining terror groups (Going Jihad – CM) because their “blood is boiling” at domestic persecution (it is unclear from the article whether Mr Trad actually said the word “persecution”.  If he did, alarm bells should be going off, and the police, Australian Federal Police, and ASIO should be stepping up their level of alertness; because he might in that case be invoking Quran 2: 214, which says “Persecution is worse than slaughter”, ‘persecution’ here being capable of meaning “Infidels doing anything at all that is perceived by Muslims as hindering or resisting the Jihad and / or causing annoyance or inconvenience or perceived offence to Muslims”, and “slaughter” being Muslim butchery of said “offending” Infidels.  That verse is what would have shaped the orthodox Muslim view of the murders of Theo Van Gogh and of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists.  Theo and the cartoonists ‘persecuted’ Muslims by criticising or mocking Islam; thus the Muslims were justified in slaughtering them. – CM) and international atrocities committed by the West (ah, yes, “atrocities”?  – what atrocities?   Meanwhile, some of us Aussie infidels have seen or heard of the Islamic State videos of the ritual Muslim human sacrifice of 21 bound and helpless unarmed Christian Copt civilians in Libya; the kidnapping and putting up for sale – by pious, orthodox Muslims imitating slave-raider Mohammed – of little, little girls and young women kidnapped from among the Yazidi and Christian indigenous minorities in Iraq and Syria; the huge Pakistan Muslim mob that – on the basis of a deliberate false accusation of Quran-burning – bashed two unarmed Christians, Shahzad Masih and his pregnant wife Shama and then shoved them, barely alive but still breathing, into a brick kiln furnace to be burnt to death; and the Muslim assault on two churches, during the Holy Communion, in Lahore, and the news of the Muslim mass-murder of unarmed Christian students – who were killed specifically because they were Christians, Muslim students once identified were let go alive – in Kenya, during the Christians’ Holy Week.   Keysar Trad, our blood is boiling when we see your co-religionists performing ritual human sacrifice, using our fellow Infidels – usually unarmed and defenceless – as their victims.  And yet you and the rest of the Mohammedan Mob, here in Australia, have suffered nary a lynching, nary a mosque-burning, and not even one attack on a mosque during ‘prayers’..just a few words of criticism or questioning here and there (often suppressed at once by earnest Islamophiles screeching “racist!” and “bigot!” at whoever has dared to pipe up), plus some peaceful ad hoc rallies against Islamisation, and a few funny looks and sideways glances in the street or on the bus.   Persecution??? Pffffft. You don’t know what persecution is.  – CM) a local Muslim leader has warned.

Threatened, in other words. He’s threatening that unless we knuckle under and do what Muslims want, whatever Muslims want, angry young Muslims will Go Jihad on us, and kill people. – CM

‘Keysar Trad, founder of the Islamic Friendship Association, told a university forum that his comments may be “dangerous” and “politically incorrect” but they were crucial to understanding why more than 200 Australians (sic: Aussie-passport-holding Mohammedan mobsters – CM) have taken up arms in Syria and Iraq.

‘In a scathing assessment of Australia’s efforts to create a harmonious society, he said constant persecution (again: did he use that word “persecution” or not? – it is important to know whether he did – CM), hypocritical Australian laws, vitriolic media (ROFLMAO – for the most part, our media are notable for fawning, grovelling Islamophilia and continual parroting of the nothingtodowithIslam and tinyminorityofextremists excuses, whenever they have to report bad behaviour by Muslims whether international or domestically, not to mention furious denunciation of anyone who tries to publicly criticise, question or – oh horrors! – mock Islam, Mohammed and Muslims  – CM) and repeated invasions in the Middle East (hmmmmAustralia left Iraq a good while ago, and we’ve left Afghanistan; so it appears that Mr Trad disapproves of our assisting the campaign against Islamic State mass-murderers and slave-raiders, for that is the only theatre of war in which we are currently involved in any capacity – CM) were pushing young Muslims “to the margins of society” and driving them to radicalisation.

But what of “loyalty and enmity”, Mr Trad?  Quran 48: 29, that says Muslims are harsh toward unbelievers – us Infidels – and merciful only to one another? What of Dar al Harb and Dar al Islam?  And all those verses in the Quran that forbid Muslims from befriending non-Muslims, and all the many, many verses that teach hatred and contempt and outright aggression toward non-Muslims?  Mightn’t that have something to do with it, also, Mr Trad? There’s such a thing as self-segregation.  If you teach your young men – and young women – to despise us and to refuse to befriend us – except feigningly, and temporarily, for their own advantage and that of the Ummah – then some of us will pick up on that, and respond accordingly. If your mob want to go down the bottom of the garden and sulk, and eat worms, and occasionally throw dung or rocks at the rest of us, well, don’t expect us to join you there, or to like you and pat you on the back and tell you over and over that you’re the most wonderful people in the world. – CM

“Denying the root causes is like applying a Band-aid to an open wound before cleaning and disinfecting it”, he told an anti-radicalisation forum at the University of Western Sydney on Wednesday night.

“Root causes” = Infidels, here and there, resisting Jihad?  Or is it just that Muslims are not yet the unresisted Lords of the World?  – CM

‘Mr Trad, a controversial figure who described himself as a “roving imam”, said he could understand why young Australians (sic: young Australia-resident Muslims and converts to Islam – CM) were driven to join Islamic State, but he tried to convince them it was not the solution.

Suuure. I assume he warns them that going too fast, too far, runs the risk of unduly alarming the Infidels.  You’re blowing the gaff.  Lie low, play nice, smile – whilst harbouring hatred in the heart – and wait for demographic/ immigration jihad to do its work, wait till the Ummah in Australia is big enough and strong enough to start going for the throat. – CM

‘His comments were reflected in a recent study that found that one in five Australian Muslims  think terrorists (that is, jihadis like Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic State – CM) have legitimate grievances.

That’s one in five out of a population of 500-600 000 people. Which means that something like 100 000 Muslims, resident in Australia, may be assumed to be sympathising with the likes of Islamic State.  That’s a lot of people who might at some time in the future, sooner or later, Go Jihad on us.  For all we know, others also sympathised, but were smart enough not to let on about it to some earnest infidel running a survey.  And as for claimed grievances: Muslims always have a grievance. If they don’t have a real one, they make one up, like the Muslim who told other Muslims – falsely – that Shama and Shahzad Masih had burnt a Quran, and then stood back watching with satisfaction as the mob bashed and burned the two defenceless and impoverished Christians.   The fact is, the root cause, the real and original Muslim grievance, is that there are still unsubjugated Infidels in the world.  The definitive article on the subject is Daniel Greenfield’s ” The Danger of Legitimising Muslim Grievances”.  See here, if you haven’t already read it:

Excerpt: “Grievance is the stories that Muslims tell themselves to justify their violence.  To explain why they kill children and why they murder the innocent. The list of grievances is as endless as the violence.  Every act of violence carries its own narrative…Muslim grievances are the frustration of conquerors, the broken teeth of predators who weren’t allowed to feed on the world until their stomachs burst. All the lands they couldn’t conquer, the peoples (like the Spaniards, Greeks, Romanians, Bulgarians, Jews of Israel, Hindus of India – CM) who rebelled against their rule, the inferior civilisations that pushed them back and drove them off….

The fundamental Muslim grievance is that they are not in power, not just in Israel where the world has accepted their demand to be in power as a wholly moral and legitimate demand, or throughout the Western world where Western governments have helped bring the Islamists to power with bombs and political pressure. The fundamental grievance is that they are not in power…everywhere.”  END QUOTE.

Now, back to our earnestly-Islamophile Sydney Morning Herald reporter, who understands none of this. – CM

‘The nation-wide survey of 800 Muslims, conducted last year by the University of Queensland, found that counter-terrorism policy in Australia (which of necessity involves close scrutiny of the Mohammedan colonies in this country, and of their meeting places, and gang bosses, and which involves raids upon and arrests and prosecution and punishment of those who are discovered to be plotting attacks upon Australian Infidels  – CM) was breeding anger, backlash, distrust, and a siege mentality.

How dare the filthy kuffar in Australia even try, however ineffectively, to resist the Jihad!  The Muslims are furious and resentful that we are even trying.  We are not supposed to resist Jihad. We are supposed to Submit. And in fact, most of our media, most of academe, and many of our politicians are submitting, at the moment. It’s just that no amount of Submission on the part of the dhimmi is ever enough to satisfy the bully Muslim mind. – CM

‘Mr Trad listed the Iraq invasions, the war in Afghanistan, and the torture of Muslim prisoners at Guantanamo Bay as grievances for young Muslims.

If none of those things had happened – and the claims of “torture” have been, so far as one can discover, greatly exaggerated; part of the Al Qaeda playbook involves instructions to Muslims, when caught by Infidel law enforcement or military, to always cry “torture!” – the Jihad would still be happening.  Different excuses and grievances would have been trumped up.  Mr Trad won’t own up to the fact that the central grievance, and the real reason for the prosecution of Jihad by any and all means – including the “jihad of the tongue and pen” that Mr Trad engages in – is that most Australians, as yet, reject Mohammed; that they are not Muslims and are not becoming Muslims; that they are, instead, atheists or Christians or Jews or Hindus or Buddhists or Sikhs or Taoists, and that they live by non-Islamic laws and customs in a sovereign non-Islamic state that, every now and again, arrests and punishes Muslims for engaging in such thoroughly-Islamic practices as, for example, the wedding and bedding of a twelve-year-old girl, or the gang-raping of infidel uncovered female meat, or the plotting of Jihad mass-murder. – CM

‘He cited the case of Northern Territory unionist Matthew Gardiner, who recently returned to the Northern Territory after reportedly fighting with the (somewhat less fanatically Sunni Muslim – CM) Kurdish forces against IS (that is: against the sharia-pushing thoroughly-orthodox Sunni Muslims of Islamic State – CM), as an example of hypocrisy in Australia.

“If he just went through the belief that he wants to fight against this group that he believes to be a very evil group (hmmm – so does that mean, Mr Trad, that you yourself do not consider Islamic State to be evil, despite their mass kidnapping, enslavement, and systematic rape of Yazidi and Christian girls and women? – CM), if he did it for that reason, why do we wonder when a Muslim person is exposed to any of these atrocities that have been committed against his relatives? ” he said.

“Why do we wonder why the blood inside that young Muslim doesn’t boil to the extent that he feels that he has to do something?”

And the prospect of being able to acquire a harem of very, very young and fresh Yazidi and Christian slave-girls probably doesn’t hurt as an inducement, either, eh, Mr Trad, given that you seem to be talking specifically about those who go off to join the Islamic State?  And then there’s the prospect of being able to run riot, trashing churches and museums, smashing ancient and priceless historical artefacts to atoms, burning books and manuscripts; sacralised vandalism on the grand scale. And the prospect of plunder, looting the abandoned homes and businesses of those insufficiently-Islamic non-Arab uppity Kurds, and those heretical Shiites and Alawites, and those filthy, filthy Christians.  And the sadistic thrill of beheading bound captives en masse, and thus – by means of sacralised, ritual murder – obtaining one’s get-out-of-hell-free card. – CM

‘Mr Trad said Australian Muslims were confronted with “systematic discrimination” (pffft!  there is no such thing in Australia; now, shall we discuss the systematic discrimination practised by Muslims against Copts in Egypt and against Christians and Hindus in Pakistan and against all non-Muslims in Malaysia? – that’s what real discrimination looks like – CM), opportunistic political commentary (nonsense: read “one or two Aussie politicians getting a tiny bit closer to publicly admitting that mass-murderous jihad plots might just possibly have something to do with Islam” – CM), unemployment (if you are a proudly-card-carrying member of an ideologically-defined human gestalt many of whose other members, all over the world, are behaving aggressively and destructively and quite often mass-murderously toward their own and also toward non-members, then just perhaps, intelligent infidel employers will be thinking twice about hiring you; especially if they know and have thought about things like the Fort Hood massacre, and prefer not to play “Muslim Roulette” with the lives of their non-Muslim employees and customers – CM) and “duplicitous standards” in law enforcement.

Mr Trad, the liar and spin-doctor, is projecting. – CM

“It is hard to argue with a young person who starts to cite all these issues, you can see the fire in their bellies, you in fact feel the same fire yourself”, he said.

Righto, mate. You don’t like it here. You don’t like us.  We’re being meeean to you. Australians aren’t being nice to Muslims.  Well, nobody is imprisoning you in Australia. The airport is thataway.  Get on a plane and take yourself off to a nice majority-Muslim country – I suggest Somalia, or Afghanistan, because there are very few Infidels left there to be persecuted and killed or enslaved; but don’t forget to hand in your Aussie passport on the way out, and renounce your Aussie citizenship, for you clearly despise it, and us.  Buzz off! Get lost!  We won’t miss you. Go!  I won’t stop you.  In fact, I’ll come to the airport to wave you off, just to make sure that you really have gone.  And take your wife – wives – with you, and all the offspring.  Maybe it’s time – since you claim you’re feeling that jihadi fire in the belly – for someone to send you an envelope with a white feather in it.  – CM

“All the above factors compound to different extents the sense of victimisation and alienation amongst youths in general (really? – no matter what their frustrations and gripes, I don’t see any atheist, nor any professing and practising Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist Aussie “youths” rushing off to join Islamic State, or hatching plots to blow up or behead innocent fellow Aussies – CM) and Muslim youths in particular.”

Nothing at all to do with the example of warlord Mohammed, that “perfect man”, that “excellent example of conduct”, eh?  Nothing at all to do with all those jihad verses in the Quran, and all that material in the other canonical Islamic texts – the Sira, the Hadith – that also urge on Muslims to engage in Jihad fi sabil allah? Oh, nothing to do with that!  Nothing to do with the grand programme of making Islam ascendant over all other religions?   It’s all the fault of us Infidels for being so mean to the poor wittle Muswims in Australia??  Pull the other leg, Mr Trad, it has bells on. – CM

‘In contrast, IS propaganda tells young people (that is: young Muslims – CM) “Join us and you will belong, you will not be discriminated against (or, in other words – “you will be able to domineer over and bully and rape and rob and torment and kill helpless people to your heart’s content; join us and unloose your Inner Thug” – CM), you can go wild (yep, go for it, it’s halal  to rape a nine-year-old Yazidi or Christian girl, she’s war booty and it’s just like what Mohammed did to Safiyya and Rayhana– CM), loose your facial hair, and you become the law (stoning, cutting off hands, cutting off heads, beating up insufficiently-submissive wicked wimmens – CM)”, he said.

‘Lydia Shelley, a lawyer and Muslim community member (“Lydia Shelley”, eh? So what’s her special new Arabic shahada name, since she is – judging by her Aussie name – a convert to Islam?  – dear ASIO, if she isn’t already on your “watch list” she should be –  CM) said there was a poor understanding of radicalisation (that is: “of recruitment to Jihad” – CM) in Australia.

I agree. There is a poor understanding.  Our politicians, our journalists, our academics, and most of our non-Muslim religious leaders, don’t know why so many Muslims in this country are Going Jihad, whether here or abroad.  And the reason for their not knowing is that they are not prepared to do their homework and listen to the warnings of the likes of Conor Cruise O’Brien, or Winston Churchill, or Jacques Ellul, or Oriana Fallaci, or Robert Spencer, or ex-Muslim Sam Solomon, or our own Rev Dr Mark Durie, on the subject of Islam, and Jihad; nor are they prepared to read what Raymond Ibrahim, Coptic-American scholar, has had to say about the prevalence and uses of deception in Islam.  They are not prepared to read a Quran, or the Sira, or a sample of the Hadiths, and apply their commonsense, and put two and two together.  But Ms Shelley would, I suspect, throw a fit of screaming hysterics if, for example, Dr Durie were invited by the Prime Minister to address a joint sitting of Federal Parliament, and/or a gathering of all ranking officers of the ADF (Australian Defence Force), on the subject of “The Jihad Doctrine of Islam”. – CM

‘Her comments were echoed by Dr Jan Ali, a lecturer in Islam and Modernity at UWS, who told the forum that deradicalisation programs were pointless without a proper understanding of the phenomenon itself.

True enough. But if one understands why Muslims Go Jihad, one realizes that the only “deradicalisation” that is of any use is… outright, publicly-declared apostasy from Islam.  Such as Walid Shoebat, for example, or Mark Gabriel, have engaged in.  They have left Islam and are now warning people that it is dangerous. – CM

‘He said the federal government’s efforts to fund community-led programs wouldn’t solve the problem.

True enough. So let’s stop paying jizya to the Mohammedan Mob.  Now. Think of the money we’ll save. – CM

There are some Muslims who are on the path of radicalisation (who are embarking upon Jihad fi sabil allah, Jihad in the cause of ‘allah’ – CM) who are from a middle-class, well-to-do family,” he said, “They don’t need handouts”.

Exactly.  Jihad causes poverty, often enough; poverty does not cause jihad.  Islam causes Jihad, because Islam teaches jihad, and Muslims, whether poor or rich, obey the summons to jihad. – CM

‘The federal govenrment has allocated $14 milion for community-led deradicalisation initiatives and $545 milliion for the inclusion programs by the Department of Social Services.”

Waste of money.   Listen to what the man said, and quit throwing good money after bad. Stop the jizya!  The article didn’t say what our nice ‘moderate Muslim’ thought should be done instead; but given that he’s a Muslim, I wouldn’t recommend doing that, either.

Instead, here’s my two cents, as an Aussie citizen who has spent quite a bit of time finding out and thinking about Islam, the jihad, and the phenomenon of dhimmitude.  Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  So, if we want to limit the Jihad within our gates, we have to limit the presence of the Ummah out of which the jihadis emerge. Stop all further entry of Muslims into Australia – no more Muslim ‘refugees’, ‘students’, ‘businessmen’ , ‘tourists’ or ‘immigrants’ – but do nothing to prevent Muslims from leaving…whilst taking steps to make sure that those who leave cannot return.  No infidel company should seek halal certification; no infidel-owned financial institution should have a bar of so-called “sharia finance”.   Meanwhile, end all accommodation of Muslim demands, do not permit any more mosques or Islamic schools, and shut down  – permanently – all mosques and other Muslim institutions that are discovered to be inciting or recruiting for Jihad, inciting antisemitism, etc.  Enforce the law, rigorously, re. child ‘marriage’, forced ‘marriage’, FGM, and ‘honor’ murders.  Ban the wearing of Muslim face coverings in public, anywhere; and enforce the ban.  Do not permit the wearing of hijab in schools.  Do all of that, resolutely, whilst offering neither apologies nor explanations, and I guarantee that – after throwing tantrums, uttering threats and rioting (all of which would require to be suppressed, swiftly and vigorously, by the use of overwhelming force) – the Mohammedans would knuckle down..and quite a lot of them would probably leave. – CM

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