Abbott to send Iranian soldiers of Allah home

“We have some 30,000 people who arrived illegally by boat…”

Refugee advocates shysters including the greens are telling refugees in detention to stick it out because when Labor gets back in, they will be allowed into Australia.

The ABC omits to tell you that the alleged child abuse is perpetrated by the asylum seekers themselves. They then advocate to allow these paedophiles into Australia. Perhaps they like to offer them more children to abuse.

Petter Dutton, emigration minister interview with Andrew Bolt.
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Australia's Abbot to forcibly return Iranian refugees
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To date, Iran has been unwilling to accept thousands of Iranian nationals who arrived in Australia by boat and have been denied refugee status.

The bleeding hearts spring into action:


In other news:

“Hamas will not stop its resistance until all Palestinian territories are liberated” 

Hamas calls for bringing Israeli leaders to ICC– which is like Al Capone calling for the FBI to be  put out of business.

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 The Audacity and the Hubris of a Sewer Rat: