Al Hijra, (Migration) the Plan to Islamise Europe

Udo Ulfkotte @ PI & Kopp Verlag

Saudi Arabia has not accepted one refugee from Syria, according to Amnesty International today. Have you ever wondered why that is? The answer: the large refugee flows are to be routed as migration flows to Europe.


The underlying plan published on page 64 of the renowned Muslim social scientists Professor Bassam Tibi years ago in his book The true Imam (published in 1996). It states:

The Islamic League has at their conference in July 1993 adopted a working paper that the migration to Europe and the establishment of Islamic centers should be seen as a means to Islamise Europe. (Published in: Asharq al-Awsat on 28 July 1993.)

And what happened two decades after the adoption of this plan for the Islamisation of Europe with  Islamic migration flows?

According to data released in 2013,  the German Federal Office for Migration,  64.9 per cent of all refugees who arrived in  Germany were Muslims (Source: “The Federal Office figures in 2013”).

It says on page 24 above:

The consideration of asylum applications of 2013 from the point of religion shows that 64.9 per cent of members of Islam comprise the majority of  first applicants.

This is one side. The other:  Saudi Arabia, the homeland of Islam, has just thrown  50 000 migrants in the prisons, mostly from Islamic countries. Have you heard anything  about it in the media?

If more than 50 000 people are locked up in prison cells and subsequently deported,  one would think that our mainstream media would at least report it in a neutral way.

Saudi Arabia  arrested in recent weeks alone in Medina County 52,347 migrants, detained them and announced they would be deported.

The Islamic Kingdom indicated several months ago that they wanted to send back more than a million foreigners living in the country to their home countries. In Saudi Arabia there are now weekly press releases on raids, searches for migrants, which are then forced out of the country.

And every day, hundreds of new arrests – really every day. Not a single word about it in the media.

Not only the Saudis, even the rich Arab Gulf states are hunting mainly Syrian refugees who seek refuge with them. The United Nations had the vain hope that the Gulf States would   open up for Syrian refugees.

Considering the plan published in 1993 by the Islamic League for the Islamization of Europe, we should be able to begin to understand why the rich Arab Gulf states behave the same way.

And how responsive our media? They say there is no Islamisation.

Islamization of Germany is denied. When we discover it, it is  only in the novel by Houellebecq.

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