Mustard sisters claim they were “ambushed” at Brisbane airport

We have all been inconvenienced at airports. We put up with it thanks to Islamic terrorism, which is the scourge of humanity. But Muselmaniacs insist they should be exempt from the security checks, and constantly  throw hissy fits when they are subjected to what are standard procedures. These two Mutard agitprops are engaged in a sinister stunt to whack our Customs & Immigration officials into submission.

Two Christchurch Muslim sisters are furious at being held for two hours and treated like “a potential threat” at Brisbane Airport while on their way to see their father win a medical award. 

JODY O’CALLAGHAN thanks to Teresaj

Nada Tawfeek, left, with father Sherif and sister Hannah,

Nada Tawfeek, a 21-year-old Canterbury University student, and her sister Hannah, 18, were pulled aside at the Australian terminal by a security guard asking “a bunch of intimidating, intrusive questions”, then later detained in a room for two hours – even during a fire alarm evacuation.

The women – who were wearing headscarves – were told it was a “random selection”, but Tawfeek believes it was religious profiling.

“You feel really intimidated. Like you’ve done something wrong, but you haven’t.”

“They were ambushing us really.”

Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy said the Commission continued to work alongside and support Muslim New Zealanders who “often faced the brunt of actions taking place thousands of miles away”.

She was “disappointed” the Tawfeeks felt they were unfairly targeted.

“Balancing security with people’s human rights and dignity is a challenge faced by all governments, including ours.”

Tawfeek is Egyptian-born, and raised in England until her family came to Christchurch five years ago.

She and her sister were invited to Brisbane to attend a ceremony where their father, Christchurch gynaecologist Sherif Tawfeek, was to receive a fellowship at the weekend.

To be considered a “potential threat” after being invited there was “beyond me”.

“It should be a human right to be treated as completely innocent until proven otherwise.”

Keep in mind that in their warped ideology only Muslims are human. How dare the filthy kafirs try to protect themselves from the soldiers of allah!

Otherwise it would “become a society of mistrust”.

“I have absolutely nothing to hide.”

She was clearly upset, but there was no apology just a “thank you for your time”.

“I thought, don’t thank me for something I didn’t give. I didn’t give you it, you just sort of forced me.”

During their interrogation, a fire alarm was set off in the building and passengers told to leave their belonging and evacuate immediately.

“We were told to get our bags and stay in the building while they checked whether or not we posed a threat.”

It was “disgusting”, she said.

“Their priority should be to make us feel safe and protected.

“I was being difficult because I was being treated as some sort of criminal and she said ‘well basically I dont know you, so I have to be sure you don’t pose a threat to our country’.

In the proper context each and every believing Muslim is a criminal.

Tawfeek then discovered a male security guard was inspecting her personal photos and videos without permission.

The phone was handed to a female guard once Tawfeek explained Muslim custom meant men could not see photos of her without her headscarf on.

This should have been rejected out of hand. Our officials don’t bow to Muslim ‘customs’ or to sharia law.

“She takes my phone to a back room for about two hours. Going through every message, every photo, every video, every email.”


Tawfeek felt she could not complain about what was law.

An Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) spokeswoman said there were no records of the incident.

She said the service’s role was to manage and protect “the security of our borders by identifying possible travellers of interest”.

It “would not be appropriate” to detail rules around who it considered a threat, she said.

It had powers under the Customs Act to search, question, examine and seize goods at the border, including “in certain circumstances” mobile phones and other personal electronic devices.

“In all cases, ACBPS officers treat people with dignity and respect,” she said.

Tawfeek could not think what “certain circumstances” existed to allow them to breach her privacy, and she looked forward to getting home to New Zealand.

No Muslim should be allowed to set foot on Australian soil unless invited by the people of Australia.

They had a “smooth and chilled” return landing at Christchurch Airport early on Tuesday morning.

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12 thoughts on “Mustard sisters claim they were “ambushed” at Brisbane airport”

  1. Thanks very much sheik.
    I have made further investigations into Nada Tawfeek and I now consider her to be dangerous. I am concerned for her fellow students.

  2. If our idiot politicians hadnt allowed millions of these Muslim barbarians into the West, we wouldnt be having intrusive searches.

    I think that all our politicians, including PMs and presidents of Western countries, should be subjected to intrusive searches and questioning. I think this is the least that should happen to thses traitors. Its absurd that the actions of these traitors has led to discomfort of innocents, while they themselves, the cause of it, walk away unmolested.

  3. “….“You feel really intimidated. Like you’ve done something wrong, but you haven’t.”….”

    But you have. You deliberately wore a hejab which is NOT required in islam. You deliberately choose to stay in the West – and give support and abide by the rules of a cult whose ultimate end goal is worldwide domination.

    The fact that tens of thousands of your co-cultists behead, shoot, amputate limbs and large-scale maim in all sorts of other ways has forced Western authorities to draw conclusions about your co-cultists i.e. many of them ARE dangerous.

    The authorities would be remiss in their duties if they ignored cult members. Obviously not all are currently ill-intentioned and doing something about it – but better to be safe than sorry.

    It hardly matters that a few fragile muslim egos get a little exposed in the process.

    1. Obviously not all are currently ill-intentioned and doing something about it –

      But they can go Jihadi any moment.

  4. “The phone was handed to a female guard once Tawfeek explained Muslim custom meant men could not see photos of her without her headscarf on.”
    Pathetic. They immediately complied with this fanciful, fanatical nonsense.

  5. The one who at least attempts to find a cure against the cancer that is the islamisation of the West, will get my vote. Mr. Abbott, you will have to do better than to schmuse the Muslim and their media enablers, ABC/SBS. Have a look at these head-bandaged support systems for a vagina as represented in the above picture: do you want YOUR daughters to look THAT ridicule in the not too distant future? Well I dont want MY daughters look like that.

  6. If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck, it is a duck. Profile every last one of them. So what if they get their feelings hurt. I don’t give a flying flip.

  7. A very long list of NZ journos , plus the race relations conciliator swallowed this bint’s story whole. Not one of them saw it from the Australian point of view. No one seemed to consider that Australian officials have a right to defend their own citizens especially given recent history .. Bali, the Mariott hotel… Melbourne…the Cronulla riots …. the Sydney siege….numerous threats etc..
    On the eve of Anzac day , I am disgusted and saddened.

  8. What gets me is that they truly expect to be able to pass through immigration control, etc without a clear view of the head. If I’d try the same trick even just wearing a cap I’d be told to remove it.

    I’m now reminded of something I witnessed a few years ago. I was doing some contract work at an international college in Brisbane and the security guard showed me a picture of some mussie whore wearing a full burka which was was submitted along with a security pass application. The guard was going to reject it (for obvious reasons), but as it turned out the previous security pass was issued with a similar picture. He had no choice. But he was pissed…

  9. I have seen them get the preferential treatment in Frankfurt, in Londonistan and in Amsterdam.

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