WTF does it take to get yourself locked up downunder?

Man Haron Monis, the Islamic terrorist who shot up the Lindt cafe’ in Sydney’s Martin Square, had a rap sheet from here to Teheran. He even murdered his wife, and  still he was not locked up. We have documented plenty of similar cases where Islamic criminals got off scot-free or with a slap on the wrist. Our judiciary has  a lot to answer for.

9NEWS journalist doused in hot coffee by terrorist sympathiser outside Melbourne court
A terrorist sympathiser who bashed his own mother and threatened police via social media has attacked a 9NEWS reporter outside court today.–NINEMSN

Is that praise really necessary? What message does it send? 

Andrew Bolt

A TERRORIST sympathiser who threatened police and savagely bashed his elderly mother has attacked a journalist outside court for the second time this year. Khodr Moustafa Taha, whose release on bail in January sparked widespread criticism across the country, was to be sentenced after pleading guilty to 11 charges, including using Twitter to threaten, harass or offend.

But he was released today to allow a more detailed report on his mental condition to be submitted to the court. Taha lashed out at waiting media on walking out of the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, throwing steaming hot coffee all over veteran television journalist Allan Raskall.

In other news:

“It’s all right to talk about high levels of family reunion, but what you’re talking about is a population that’s going to be highly welfare-dependent…”– Philip RuddockHow did federal government’s completely lose control over our immigration?



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  1. Our “judiciary” has wet dreams about getting laid by muslims – what’s good for a goat just HAS to be good for an ass….

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