Police warn Dandenong locals to run away

Excerpts from Andrew Bolt:

Greater Dandenong is home to citizens representing 150 different nationalities… Our community is a wonderful example to others of a modern, diverse and harmonious society.–  Isaacs MP and Labor frontbencher Mark Dreyfus in 2013

It wasn’t true then, but this is true now:

“If you see a large group approaching, get back in your car and go, or walk off — don’t hang around to see what they might do.”

The ethnically diverse city has crime rates almost 40 per cent higher than the state average…

TEENAGE  AFRICAN gangs are believed responsible for four violent attacks in central Dandenong.

Dreyfus, incidentally, lives in Malvern, a safe suburb miles from his electorate, and too expensive for refugee accommodation.

5 thoughts on “Police warn Dandenong locals to run away”

  1. And I can tell you one thing for certain should you ‘defend’ yourself against an attack the Police ‘WILL’ charge you and take the side of either the Africans or illegal Afghans in the area.

    The Police in these neck of the woods are pathetic! This is coming from someone that knows.

  2. Mark Dreyfus is not particularly bright. I’ve had dealings with him in the past in relation to his portfolio. I don’t think he can read very well.

  3. Ministers only do what their overpaid teflon coated bureaucrats advise them to do and that is usually at the detriment of the minister or the country. A federal minister with a mind of his own, in the great words of Sir Humphrey Appleby ” HOW NOVEL”

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