The Beatles Never Beheaded Anyone

Isil are like Beatles and British youngsters want to be them, warns prosecutor


No. Headchoppers are nothing like the Beatles, who were creative and brought joy to the world with music. Mohammedan killer zombies bring mass-murder, wholesale destruction of ancient cultures and misery to everyone who stands in their way. Islam besmirches everything, defiles everything without ever creating anything. Islam dalenda est.

 Nazir Afzal warns “pop idol” like status of Isil is luring more British teenagers to Syria–TELEGRAPH.CO.UK

Isil jihadists are becoming like the Beatles and other pop idols with British boys wanting to be them and girls wanting to be with them, a senior prosecutor has warned.

Mohammedans are never “British boys”.

Nazir Afzal said “jihadimania” is worse than previously thought and is luring youngsters conned by the image to Syria.

The “image of Syria” are the beheading videos. That’s the attraction for these savages.

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