The Halal Racket Funds the Islamic Expansion Program

And  Islamic expansion means our demise.

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By contributor, Kiralee Smith

When halal organisations try to diffuse any suggestion of funding terrorism they like to point out that the money goes to Islamic mosques, Islamic schools and Islamic charities. So Cadbury, Nestle, Bega, Sanitarium, Byron Bay Cookies and hundreds more should feel really good about themselves because they are supporting the Islamic community in Australia. And you should too, right?

So let’s have a look at how some of these Islamic mosques, schools and charities are going here in Australia: 

“Jihadi Jake” attended the Hume Islamic Youth Centre.…/britains-white-jihadi-actually-a-gi…

The Masjid Noor Mosque in Granville: Ms Karroum and Mr Ali were worshippers at the mosque before Mr Ali moved to Syria where they were both killed.…/story-fni0cx4q-122680100…

A sheik who preaches at Sydney’s Al-Azhar Belmore Mosque is accused of funding Australian jihadists.…/sydney-sheikh-accused-of-fu…/5561340

The Liverpool Mosque: The ISIS flag, used by the terrorists responsible for thousands of murders across Iraq and Syria, was auctioned at this mosque.…/story-fni0cx12-122705084…

The Malek Fahd Islamic School in Sydney (AFIC). In 2012 they were ordered to pay back $9 million in Govt funding because of fraudulent activities.…/story-e6frgczx-1226438977…

The Islamic College of Brisbane (AFIC) currently being investigated for ‘phantom debt’ and secret payments.…/story-fnihsrf2-1227283681092

In 2012 the Islamic school of Canberra (AFIC) was embroiled in controversy because of relatives being employed to do jobs with a great deal of Government funding.…/story-fn59nlz9-1226498931…

In 2013 two teachers were sacked from the Islamic school of South Australia (AFIC) for refusing to wear a hijab.…/story-e6frea83-1226575723406

This year the Australian International Academy – formerly King Khalid College, went before the Federal Court over allegations of illegal employment and contracts.…/teachers-at-islamic-school-claim…

Al Faisal College: In 2003, Shafiq Khan was involved in a court case where he was accused of diverting more than $1 million derived from halal certification fees to charities including the Al-Faisal College. Khan negotiated a settlement and agreed to return the money.…/revea…/2005/09/09/1125772698477.html

Al Taqwa College in Victoria gets the prize though. In the past it has been accused of anti-Semitism, and non-Muslim teachers being treated as second class citizens. In 2005 students were being told, “Jews were putting poison in the bananas”. Last month the principal told students not to join Islamic State because the terror group is a conspiracy created by Israel and Western countries.

Today it has been reported girls should not run because they might lose their virginity. Please…… someone……., anyone…… give the man a sex-ed lesson.

And please politicians, how on earth does this get approval as a taxpayer funded school when the principal doesn’t even know the first thing about the birds and the bees!?!…/girls-at-islamic-school-banned-f…

I could go on but surely you get the picture? We should all feel much better now that we know how our chocolate, cheese and meat money is being put to such good use.

3 thoughts on “The Halal Racket Funds the Islamic Expansion Program”

  1. “..You say you got a real solution
    Well, you know we’d all love to see the plan, oh yeah
    You ask me for a contribution,
    Well, you know we’re all doing what we can

    But if you want money for people with minds that hate
    All I can tell you is, brother, you have to wait”

    1. No. It’s not ‘minds that hate’. It’s ‘minds that fear’, and for very good reason.
      One only has to know about Mohamed, your ideal guy, to see the dangers looming around us.
      How can anyone venerate such a brutal and narcissistic individual is beyond me. Scary indeed.

  2. The time is nearly here !

    islam and its islams will have to repay – EVERYTHING !
    …. and also – LEAVE EVERYTHING !

    as they all rush to escape their “Deserved” !!!
    They really did think they were “Supreme” !!!

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