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DEVELOPING: Militant Islamists target and kill Christians at Kenya university
Muslims Freed in Jihad Attack on University, ‘Many Dead Bodies’ As Hostages Taken
“We’ve killed many people; Kenyans will be shocked when the go inside.” “We sorted people out and released the Muslims,” said spokesman Sheikh Abdiasis…

“There are many dead bodies of Christians inside the building. We are also holding many Christians alive. Fighting still goes on inside the college.”—Pamela Geller

No Insurance Available for Jewish Kindergartens in Belgium
Europe nearly “exterminated” all of its Jews, and chose instead to import tens of millions of Muslims. As country after country caves and cowers to Islamic…
Some offerings from Mullah, pbuh:
We just happen to be Muslim and practicing a different religion. …
“…we’re really good people”–  Awareness week combats adverse views of Muslims
# islam – where it is April Fools Day every day, somewhere
“…everything that has happened in the past to the detriment of Islam was the work of the crafty Jews, who plotted to sway Muslims from their faith,” he said. …More on the crafty Jews at Free Malaysia Today
Al Andalus, where muslims and Jews coexisted in complete harmony …
… Al-Andalus, as Moorish Spain was known, is to this day viewed as an era marked by tolerance, with Jews, Christians and Muslims living for the most part peacefully together under the banner of convivencia (coexistence). …
 Iftikar rubs it

Comments for this article: The Muslim-Jewish Heritage of Islamic Spain

When Jerusalem was conquered by the Crusaders during the middle ages, Arab Muslims, Christains and Jews were massacred. They spared no body. After 100 years when Jerusalem was reoccupied by the Muslims, not a single Christian and a Jew was slaughtered. Saladin should be taught in European and American schools.Saladin should be included in European curricula, says Thorvald Steen.

Leading Norwegian writer has criticized the education given to children in European schools, saying it is misleading and arguing that a Kurdish-Muslim commander “who opened Jerusalem to all religions” after conquering it over 800 years ago should be presented as a childhood hero for them.

“He was an enormously important figure, and he is not mentioned in our books,” said Thorvald Steen about Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub — better known as Saladin in the West — who defeated and took Jerusalem back from the Crusaders in the battle of Hattin in 118. He did not seek revenge though his generals wanted it greatly after 87 years of oppression and depression at the hands of Crusaders. He could easily smash the entire city, but he did not do that and took a rather tolerant and peaceful approach, Saladin, a devout Sunni Muslim, united Muslims against the Crusaders in Jerusalem and formed a huge army famous for its chivalry which was also supported by minority Christians and Jews at the time.

Richard the Lionheart was profoundly affected by Saladin’s pluralist and tolerant personality. Following a direct order from Pope Gregory VIII, Richard the Lionheart led the third crusader army against Saladin in 1191 after he’d conquered Jerusalem four years earlier. “The real provocation for the pope was that Saladin opened Jerusalem to all religions,” Steen said, arguing that the “pope’s teaching at the time was ‘You crusaders must bring Saladin’s head to Rome, and the more non-Christians you kill the faster you rise to paradise.

Though he managed to defeat Saladin’s army in the battle of Arsuf, Richard the Lionheart failed to retake Jerusalem from him, eventually returning home after coming to an agreement with the Muslim commander for Jerusalem to stay under Muslim control but be open for Christian pilgrims. “Richard was a cruel fundamentalist, but he became a confused fundamentalist after discovering that the world is much different than what he thought,” Steen noted, adding, “Richard was shocked about Saladin, who he thought the devil’s man being at such a high level.” The Norwegian author argued, however, that intense propaganda was carried out in Europe to exalt the Richard the Lionheart after his death. Steen stressed that the reason William Shakespeare did not write about Richard the Lionheart is because “he is too perfect to write about in Shakespeare’s style where characters are represented with their good and bad sides together.” The way he presented Saladin has been admired, especially among Muslims.

UNO has taken a right decision to hand over Jerusalam to Muslims because they are going to do justice and tolerate and respoect those who are differnt. Still one of the shrine of Jesus(peace be upon him) is under the control of Muslims who give it full respect and honour.

Iftikhar Ahmad20.08.2011 | 12:25 Uhr

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  1. Hello there………its me again…….Don Laird

    While hundreds die (death toll at Kenyan University estimates over 147 now), allow me to provide you Leftist?liberals with a soothing musical interlude while you concoct another stunning mitigation/obfuscation/excuse for the mass murdering madness of the Muslim and its Islam.


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  2. Good work Don,
    But I feel that the all-women group will inslut (spelling intended – crude message but sufficient for the muslim lowlives that infect this planet) the muslims and their left wing servants.

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