“A stricter form of Islam”

Parents rebel against Islamic College hardliners

Uh oh, but the reaction, at least, is healthy:

A deep rift between parents and management threatens the future of the Islamic College of South Australia.

Relations have soured to the point where hundreds of parents kept their children at home on Friday in protest against the school’s board…  (Andrew Bolt)

Sorry, But It’s Islam’s Fault If People Are Islamophobic
Is it too late to have an opinion about the terrorist attack in Texas? I know it’s been, like, three whole days. No story can stay “relevant” for three days, unless it’s something of historic importance like a royal baby or a transgendered reality TV… THEBLAZE.COM
“Heavenly Religion” Insulted:

Michael Mounir Beshay has been detained for 4 days pending investigation for “defamation of religion” charges after allegedly sharing a video that insults the Prophet Mohamed …

Claiming All 52 States For Allah
… During his trip, in Hawaii, he recited the prayer after meeting non-Muslims on the beach. As he arrived in California, he recited it inside a prayer room at Disneyland with Mickey Mouse. …
Muslim man recites azaan in all US states to deliver message of peace–More taking the Mickey at Pakistan Today thanks to Mullah, pbuh
Mr Robert Azzi is not laughing:

Another warm and fuzzy scribbler warms up the ridiculous trash by Doonesbury cartoonist Gary Trudeau that infuriated free speechers around the world:

“…punching downward, by attacking a powerless, disenfranchised minority with crude, vulgar drawings…”
I sincerely hope Mr Azzi will be “extremely well-compensated” by the powerless, disenfranchised minority of head chopping savages for whom he harbours such sympathies.
I have never heard of Mr Azzi before, but I support the “fanatical” Mrs Geller, Mr Spencer and the honourable Geert Wilders wholeheartedly, because they stand for freedom, culture and western civilisation. Mr Azzi stands for nothing and if we leave the future up to whack jobs who cherish nothing but fanciful blather our future will not belong to those who slander the profit of Islam, but to the soldiers of allah. I’ll fight to the death to stop that from happening.« less

One thought on ““A stricter form of Islam””

  1. ‘The demise of the Music programme was symbolic of a change to a stricter form of Islam’ … ‘A stricter form of Islam’? Sorry, Muzzie parents, but as Recep Erdogan points out, there is no such thing as Moderate Islam. ‘Islam is Islam. That’s it!’ You are members of a totalitarian ideology, Muzzie parents, one that makes no allowance for individuality or individual differences. Deal with it !

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