“Free Speech Causes Violence”

Ezra Levant:

Did you see the Associate Press’s “hideous” tweet promoting their interview with Pamela Geller about the Garland, Texas terror attack that targeted her and others at her “Draw Mohammed” event?

It clearly implied that Geller was to blame for the violence that occurred — not the Muslim terrorists who carried it out and died in the process:

AP’s tweet about Pamela Geller proves “they’re not neutral. They’re on the enemy’s side”


Cartoons causing violence, and “that woman” Geller is bringing it on herself:

Fake condemnations of Islamic terror, veiled threats, victimhood, bluster and condemnation of Israel and the U.S . mixed with Islamic hubris and nonsense. The Mohammedan mind is a cesspool. Above all, he demands “respect”, (submission) to his “holy prophet”. This is a cult of murderous lunatics.

Imam Qazwini Condemns Violence Incited by Pamela Geller, Questions Double Standard of Free Speech
Recorded 5/08/2015 at the Az-Zahraa Islamic Center in Detroit, MI thanks to Vlad Tepes
Dear Bill O’Reilly & Juan Williams: How Much Of Islam’s Butt Should We Kiss?
According to Bill O’Reilly and Juan Williams we shouldn’t have drawing contests that mock Mohammed because that’ll “unnecessarily” get Muslims miffed.
Jihad in Macedonia: Death Toll Mounts
Jihad in Macedonia: Death Toll Mounts Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Balkans Global jihad 2015 00 Comments I continue to take heat for my support of the Serbs in… | Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs: Islam, Jihad, Israel and…
Rush Limbaugh: Obama gave ‘green light’ for ‘people in ISIS’ to shoot up Texas cartoon contest

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh accused President Barack Obama of effectively giving members of the terrorist group ISIS the “green light” to carry out a deadly shooting at an event in Texas

Sickening. ISIS Strips Children Naked – Sells Them at Slave Auction Then Rapes Them
Children of the Caliphate ISIS terrorists are reportedly stripping children at slave auctions and then rapes them. Some slave girls are stripped naked before they… THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM
You can learn a TON from history… YOUNGCONS.COM
 Only when the last church goes up in flames, when the last Christian has been murdered,  only then will you  understand that Islam was not part of Germany, but conquered it.

Jihad in Macedonia

I continue to take heat for my support of the Serbs (Christians) in Clinton’s Bosnian misadventure. We were on the wrong side in that war and the consequences of Clinton’s perfidy continue to reverberate in that region.
Albanian and Kosovo Muslims are openly attacking another country (Macedonia), creating another potential war zone in Europe.

Bill Clinton sent American soldiers to fight alongside these “mujahedeen” against the Serb Christians in the Bosnia war. Most Americans still don’t know or understand the implications of America’s support of the jihad in Europe

Report: Death toll rises after 2nd day of Macedonia clashes | The Wire

KUMANOVO, Macedonia (AP) — Fighting between police forces and members of an armed group has continued for a second day in the northern Macedonian town of Kumanovo, raising concern about the political stability in the Balkan nation that has a history of ethnic hostilities.

Local TV channel Telma on Sunday reported that three other police officers died early Sunday due to severe injuries sustained in the fighting, increasing the death toll of officers to eight. At least another 30 were injured in an exchange of fire between special police forces and an armed group that started in the town on Saturday.

Armed clashes on Macedonia-Kosovo border: five police killed,” The Telegraph, May 8, 2015
Macedonian authorities say armed group was planning terrorist incursions

Macedonia, hit by a deep political crisis, was further shaken Saturday when five police officers killed in clashes with an armed group near the Kosovo border, with some reports talking of fatalities.

The clashes erupted during a dawn raid by police in the northern town of Kumanovo after the authorities “received information on the movement of an armed group,” a police spokesman told reporters.

Local media said the police operation, which was still ongoing Saturday evening, targeted a part of the town populated mainly by ethnic Albanians.

Police spokesman Ivo Kotevski said members of the armed group have illegally entered Macedonia from a neighbouring country and were planning a “terrorist attack” on the state institutions.

The gunmen, who were well-armed and had supporters in Kumanovo, he said, without elaborating on their nationality.

However, local media suggested they came from neighbouring Kosovo, populated mostly by ethnic Albanians.

In 2001, Macedonia’s ethnic Albanian rebels staged an insurgency in the Balkans country.

During Saturday’s police operation in Kumanovo, officers were met with “violent resistance” from snipers, grenades and automatic weapons, Kotevski said.

– See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2015/05/jihad-in-macedonia-death-toll-mounts.html/#sthash.3CwsKzC2.dpuf