Bonds & Bonding

(AFP) – The leader of the Islamic State group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Thursday urged Muslims to emigrate to his self-proclaimed “caliphate”

The Queensland teenager suspected of joining an Al Qaeda-linked terror group in Syria did not make STRONG bonds with the local Muslim community and MAY have been radicalised over the internet, an Islamic leader says.

Queensland teenager who fled country to join Al Qaeda affiliate became radicalised over the internet
The Queensland teenager suspected of joining an Al Qaeda-linked terror group did not make strong bonds with the local Muslim community and was most likely…   ABC.NET.AU
Stunned Community

“Stunned?” Are you stunned?

Another young Aussie boy finds religion, goes to Syria to wage Jihad.

Toowoomba teenager’s journey to Syrian war zone stuns community

Here’s a guy who found Islam. Or did Islam find him?

The Courier-Mail has been told Bridgeman converted to Islam after becoming friends with several Muslims at school. “They weren’t radical Muslims but he may have been influenced by older men,” a friend said.See More

OLIVER Bridgeman loved rugby league, the beach and dreamed of being a doctor or lawyer.–HERALDSUN.COM.AU

Sleeping watchdog smells something, goes back to sleep:
The head of ASIO has warned teenagers are becoming radicalised quickly, sometimes within weeks, as he issued a “call to arms” for families and…  M.SMH.COM.AU
‘Call to arms’…..does that mean we can shoot the fuckers?
Boycott Halal Certification in Australia

This is Sam Dastyari, who has been selected to chair the Government Inquiry into Halal Certification!
Why would they appoint an Iranian born (muslim?) that has already voted against the inquiry? Why did he vote against it, obviously he has a conflict of interest!

Boycott Halal Certification in Australia's photo.
Muslim woman understands why some join ISIL…
…but hastens to assure us that she would never join, unless:
 …she does understand feelings of rejection, for example after the protests over Halal food. “How often do you see kosher food being protested against? Why is this religion being picked on when all religions have their rules? It’s disappointing to see this religion picked on as the bad guy.”

It took a clueless Clare Kermond from the Sydney Moonbat Herald to write this rubbish about crying hijabees who don’t feel safe in Melbourne.

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