The Plight of the “Rohingya”

Turkish President Calls On Muslims To Invade Jerusalem
President Erdogan of Turkey gave a speech of great importance that main stream media is not reporting. The Anadolu Agency, which is like the ‘Reuters’ of Turkey,… TRUTHUNCENSORED.NET
Indonesia tries to pass the buck

Local Indonesian authorities have warned they will soon run out of the funds to care for hundreds of rescued migrants, saying they have less than two weeks’ worth of food and medical supplies to support them.
At least 1,350 asylum seekers have come ashore in Indonesia’s Aceh province in the past two weeks.
Of those, 677 people from Myanmar and Bangladesh, who were rescued by fisherman late last week, are living in tents and warehouses at the Langsa port in north-eastern Aceh….

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Indonesia says less than two weeks’ supplies left for migrants
Local authorities in Indonesia warn they will soon run out of food and medical supplies to care for hundreds of rescued migrants.
Bangladesh needs to resettle its people

“Yesterday one man jumped off the boat and drowned because he went crazy. At least ten people have jumped ship. One died while some of the others made it to nearby fishing boats.”

Stranded Rohingya migrants say: ‘We’re dying on board’
Passengers aboard crowded ship say traffickers and captain abandoned them without food or water, and left them to die.
Stand firm on boats, says Tony Abbott
Tony Abbott has warned that more people will die at sea unless tougher action on people-­smugglers is taken across Southeast Asia and North Africa, amid increasingly desperate diplomatic efforts to confront the deepening crisis in the…
Throw money at the monster in the hope it will not eat us?
Sport, jobs, courses to keep migrants Muslims moderate
More than $22 million will be spent on educating and helping migrants land jobs to battle the radicalisation of young people in Australia.

“There is no excuse for young people making the choices that put them on the deadly road to Damascus,” Social Services Minister Scott Morrison said today.

There is no excuse for any government to import a Muslim problem and then throw money at it in the vain hope they will not kill us. (SY)

Under the program, thousands of young refugees and vulnerable migrants will undergo employment and education courses, and take part in sporting activities, from 2016. See MoreTHE AUSTRALIAN.

Jacqui Lambie is right: we need to get rid of these people:

AUSTRALIANS who support sharia law should “pack up their bags and get out of here” or else be stripped of their vote and welfare entitlements, Jacqui Lambie says.


The Tasmanian Palmer United Party senator today said Australians who support Islamic law held “allegiance to a foreign power”, but refused repeated opportunities to define what she meant by sharia law.  See More

Advocates of sharia law should leave, or lose voting and welfare rights: Jacqui Lambie
AUSTRALIANS who support sharia law should “pack up their bags and get out of here” or else be stripped of their vote and welfare entitlements, Jacqui Lambie says.–THEAUSTRALIAN.COM.AU
Immigrants should have no say in Britain’s EU future says Tory old guard
MIGRANTS should be banned from voting in any in/out referendum on Britain’s EU membership, according to a cabal of powerful backbench Tories.–EXPRESS.CO.UK

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  1. Typical the average working class Aussie has to see his standard of living drop while new comers who hate us are given everything by the government as they don’t want terrorism from these scum.

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