“Conservatives” are the problem….

Conservatives Attack, by Tim Blair

The BBC reports an attempted murder in Turkey:

A Turkish woman who has been taking part in a talent show on national TV has been shot in the head while rehearsing at home, Turkish media say.


Mutlu Kaya, 19, was in a critical condition after being shot in Diyarbakir province early on Monday.

What monsters are responsible for this? The BBC has an interesting theory:

Diyarbakir is a conservative region in south-east Turkey and Ms Kaya had reportedly received death threats for singing on the show …

The attack on Mutlu Kaya took place in Diyarbakir, a city where the Kurdish women’s movement is very strong … But, despite playing a prominent role in society and politics, women are still under pressure from the traditional structures of conservative society.

That is why news stories about prominent female fighters in the Kurdish regions of Turkey and Syria go hand in hand with news stories of “honour killings” …

For a poor girl living with her family in a run-down one bedroom flat, attracting national media attention could have triggered a fatal conservative social backlash.

(Via David T., who emails: “Obviously this has nothing to do with Islam.”)

UPDATE. Italian police have arrested a man suspected of involvement in the March 18 attack on Tunisia’s Bardo museum that left 22 people dead – and it turns out he’s a boatie:

Police say the Moroccan man arrested in connection with the Tunisian museum attack had arrived in Italy aboard a migrant boat a month before the attack and was ordered expelled.

Italian politicians, some of whom who are not inclined towards political correctness, demand action:

The news that the suspect had allegedly sneaked into Italy by boat sparked an immediate outcry among rightwing politicians, with the head of the anti-immigration Northern League party, Matteo Salvini, calling for the Schengen agreement allowing free movement between most continental European states to be suspended.

“Libyan intelligence says boats are arriving with Islamic State terrorists. Today in my Milan, a north African was arrested for involvement in the Tunisian massacre. Close the borders before it’s too late,” Salvini told Italian media.

Hard-right politician Daniela Santanchè from Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party also criticised the government.

It is “unbelievable that this government, instead of defending us from cut-throats, has transformed Italy into a useful platform for terrorists,” Santanchè said.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the Tunisian museum attack, in which four Italians were murdered.

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