This is too expensive!

Cambodia has approved the transfer of four refugees from Australia as part of a controversial agreement under which the south-east Asian nation has received almost $40 million in additional aid from Canberra.

The country’s strongman Prime Minister Hun Sen approved an Iranian couple, Iranian man and a Rohingya Muslim from Myanmar living permanently in Cambodia, one of Asia’s poorest nations.

General Khieu Sopheak, spokesman for Cambodia’s foreign minister, told the Phnom Penh …

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Cambodia approves taking first four refugees from Australia as part of $40m deal
Iranian couple and two men were the only Nauru refugees who agreed to go to – if no others agree, Australian taxpayers will fork out $10 million for each of the four.

This is not a refugee problem: it is a Muslim problem!

We have criticised PM Tony Abbott on issues like failing to identify the cause of our security problems, saying Australians are OK with halal certification rackets and his broken promise to remove section 18c of the RDA. But on this issue he is correct.

Bill Shorten on the other hand has called for the Government to “engage” on the issue, whatever that means.

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Tony Abbott says ‘nope’ to Rohingya refugees: ‘You come through the front door, not through the…
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said “nope, nope, nope” to Australia offering resettlement to any of the thousands of migrants caught up in South East Asia’s… SMH.COM.AU Thanks to the Australian Liberty Alliance
“Nope nope nope” awesome news Tony 
Abbott rules out resettling refugees
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has described Myanmar as the culprit in the asylum seeker boat crisis in southeast Asia.
Muslim Indonesia: you signed, you must take them!

Don’t you see how they are taking us for suckers, you fools?

Indonesia to Australia: ‘You signed the UN Convention on Refugees. Act on it’
Australia has a responsibility to address the humanitarian crisis in the Bay of Bengal because it is a signatory to the UN Convention on Refugees, according to the…  SMH.COM.AU

One thought on “This is too expensive!”

  1. Absolutely – “This is too expensive!
    Thats almost $40 million in additional aid from Canberra.
    What have they already received – AND WHY ?

    Mr Abbott said ….
    I’m sorry. If you want to start a new life, you come through the front door, not through the back door,
    He should have said ….
    “…. and take the sucking islams already in Australia.”

    Indonesia to Australia:
    You signed the UN Convention on Refugees. Act on it
    – the ‘UN Convention on Refugees’ was not created originally to assist islam invaders enter a Secular Country (by any means – you OIC islam Criminals) !
    – Look after your own sucking islams !!
    – Indonesia – Here take the sucking islams (the lot) from Australia because they will soon need a place to run to.

    Remember – You (continually) chose to be islams !
    Remember – ALL islams are Criminals !

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