Geller was “mocking an entire religion of Muslims”

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren discussed the terror attack in Texas last week at Pam Geller’s “Draw Mohammed” art contest and said Geller was “mocking an entire religion of Muslims.”

This is another stink bomb that useful idiots,  self-appointed protectors of Islam like Gerlardo, Bill O’Reilly, or in this case Greta van Susteren, keep  throwing at us  whenever Muslims go apes#*t over cartoons or youtube videos,  or whatever Koranimals find objectionable. Fact is that Geller is doing THEIR JOB for them. These overpaid TV tarts are  nothing but a bunch of shrieking geeks who hate Geller for making the news because they refuse to report it.


BILL MAHER ON MUHAMMAD CARTOON CONTEST: ‘This Is America…Can’t We Draw What We Want?’

I’m no fan of Maher. A guy who throws a million bucks to get the Obamessiah elected for the second time cannot be taken seriously. Maher suffers from a severe case of learning disability.

“It obviously was a provocation,” Maher said to his panel. “But this is America. Do we not have the right to draw whatever we want?” The audience took a few seconds to warm up to the host’s statement before applause was heard.

“When someone’s position is, ‘If you offend me, I will kill you,’ it becomes virtuous for you to offend that person,” Cain told the panel. “You need to offend that person. You need to shock them out of their horrible position.”

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  1. I may be far away in Kenya but this fight that Geller is waging affects me as much as it does America. It is here too and the fringes of it are already felt, indeed for years Muslims have tried to dominate and subjugate us the Christian majority. In a way Pam Geller is showing usthe way to go and believe me, soon there will be people ready to confront the prostitute Islam and the Dirty Pimp; the leftist media. Goodspeed to Pam Geller, in another time and place she would be knighted……… But that world is gone. Stolen by the left and hence them that fight must do so with no hope of medals save the feeling of tasting real freedom; however fleeting. We must fight for our freedom harder than the Savage Moor fights for his bondage.

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