Killing For Jesus?

Malzberg | Anjem Choudary discusses his claim that Pam Geller deserves to die

Ever heard of a Muslim who killed over a Jesus cartoon? Chaudary is making that up. The Mohammedan Jesus, “ISSA” to be sure, his a totally perverted Jesus and has nothing in common with the Jesus of the Christians.

Muslim Cleric Who Said Pamela Geller Should Be Judged by Shariah Court Is Asked If Christians Should Kill Muslims Who Mock Jesus. His Answer?

Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary — who insisted that Pamela Geller should be judged by a Shariah court for organizing the draw Muhammad contest in Garland, Texas, last Sunday — was interviewed about the subject by Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg later in the week.

And at the very end of the interview, the host posed an interesting question to Choudary: “If a Muslim portrays Jesus in a mocking fashion, making fun of him, should that Muslim by killed by Christians?”

Choudary didn’t hesitate: “That would also carry the death penalty under Islam — not under Christianity because you don’t mind. We will defend all the prophets whether Jesus or Moses …”

Chaudary is lying. Muslims worship Muhammad, no one else. There is not one known case of Muslims “defending” Moses or Jesus.

The relevant portion of the below clip starts at the 9:40 mark:

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  1. (islam Criminal) Anjem Choudary ….
    Yet More CRIMINAL Behaviour by islam Criminals !

    and this behaviour by Criminal islams is
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    is it goodbye Treasonoous Seditious islam Appeasers Time Yet !!!
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  2. alla is unknowable so most don’t care about him either including muslims.

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