How Much “Diversity” Can We Take?

Charlie got tired of being scared:
Kenya: Muslim preacher charged with inciting Muslims to kill non-Muslims

Yet another Muslim preacher who misunderstands the Koran!! I mean ok average Muslims misunderstand it fine…but even the preachers??? I wonder what these bad versions of the Koran are that they are reading??

Would you say he was “homegrown?” or what?
Garland, Texas imam calls for restrictions on the freedom of speech
That is always the endgame for Islamic supremacists: to destroy the freedom of speech so that Islam cannot be criticized and the jihad cannot be opposed, so…JIHAD WATCH|BY ROBERT SPENCER
Islamic State seizes Syria’s ancient Palmyra

Hundreds of Palmyra’s statues have been moved to safety but large monuments from the ancient parts of the city could not be moved.

“This is the entire world’s battle,” said Syria’s head of antiquities Maamoun Abdul Karim. He called on the US-led military coalition against IS to prevent the group destroying the ancient site.

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Islamic State seizes Syria’s ancient Palmyra 
Islamic State militants in Syria seize the ancient city of Palmyra and reportedly enter the site containing prized ruins, monitors say.
“Callous” Abbott has lurched so far to the Left this year. It’s bizarre, the ranting on global warming, the Abbott-bashing and the rest of the agenda. Today’s example:


The story itself notes that before “callous” Abbott got elected, hundreds of boat people died at sea trying to get to Australia.

So define “callous”. Explain why that editorialising is in a news headline.  (Andrew Bolt)

Who else is hiding among the boat people flooding into Italy? 

Italian police say they have arrested a Moroccan suspected of taking part in the March ­attack on the Bardo National ­Museum in Tunis in which 21 tourists, including an Australian, were killed.

Abdel Majid Touil, 22, was ­arrested on an international ­warrant by Italy’s anti-terrorism DIGOS police in the northern town of Gaggiano… He was living with his mother, a carer, and two older brothers in the town near Milan…

Police said last night that Touil had been in Italy before the attack. They said he entered illegally in February with a boatload of 90 migrants, before being issued with an order to leave. The officers did not specify whether he had been expelled or, if he had, where he had gone to.

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