“German” meets virgins in Iraq

Ein bedauerlicher Einzelfall

Not to worry: just another ‘lone wolf’. Can’t blame all Muslims. Most Muslims are law-abiding citizens, don’t you think? we are told.

“German” blows himself up in Northern Iraq

Abu Mohammed al-Almani blew himself and dozens of Iraqi soldiers up with 1.5 tons of explosives……

Abu Mohammed al-Almani soll sich und dutzende irakische Soldaten mit 1,5 Tonnen Sprengstoff getötet haben.

2 thoughts on ““German” meets virgins in Iraq”

  1. I was surprised when Greta tore into Geller and joined the O’Reilly/Ingraham gang. I think West did a great job explaining what is going on. You know you can die in denial. What a mess, all these lies we are living.

    1. She respects West because he is a soldier and he is black. She hates Geller because Geller does HER job! Greta (and all the other cowards in the lame stream media) absolutely hate it when somebody like Geller leapfrogs over their wall of deceit and rubs their noses in the shiite.

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