How much of our school funding is diverted to Islamic groups?

Do other private schools such as the Catholic or Church of England schools receive such largesse?

Andrew Bolt

What is going on here?

A senior official in the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils has been accused of attempting to embezzle hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Islamic College of Brisbane and falsifying school loans worth almost $1.2million…

The school receives about 80 per cent of its funding from taxpayers…


Islamic schools around Australia — including the nation’s largest, Malek Fahd in Sydney’s southwest — have been involved in numerous financial scandals.

Malek Fahd was forced to repay $9m to taxpayers after The Australian revealed it had been funnelling profits to AFIC.

Rissalah College in Sydney’s southwestern Lakemba had its funding frozen in 2013 amid allegations it misused hundreds of thousands of dollars in school funds and that a gun was pulled on a whistleblower.

Three other Muslim schools have had their funding frozen by the NSW Education Department or have been the subject of police investigations in recent years…

AFIC president Hafez Kasseem did not return requests from The Australian for comment.

Add halal funding, and a hell of a lot of money is being channeled into AFIC and other Muslim groups.

Here, from a poster on the Bolt blog:

Mike of Darwin replied to Nursecabarita
Fri 22 May 15 (02:39pm)

For those who pay taxes, if they send their child(ren) to a private school of any sort, those parents pay three times for their own child(ren)’s education:
1] They pay for all the State Government systems, schools and teachers first, from their taxes.
2] They pay for their own private school system, schools and teachers, from their taxes.
3] Then they pay all school fees, building funds, books, stationery and consumables on top from their after PAYE tax is taken out.

Many Catholic and Christian schools also act as ‘hospital schools’ picking up kids who are kicked out of the state system, are wards of the state, are indigenous boarders, have been bullied out of state schools, have ASDs, etc.