What’s behind the ABC’s agenda that keeps attacking the church?

One Lefty recently told me when I asked why they’re so hard on the church and can’t suck up enough to Islam: “you gotta kick them when they’re down”. The reality is that there is far more child abuse in Islam because their religion not only permits it, its their ‘prophet’Muhammad, who did it and therefore it can’t be wrong.  The pedophile churchmen who are accused of wrongdoing cannot rely on scripture for support.  They did wrong,  against the law and against their religion.

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In defence of George Pell

Andrew Bolt

Gerard Henderson mounts a very important defence of Cardinal George Pell, subjected to a series of damaging but false claims from the media:

No, this week’s allegations against Pell are not new.

No, he is not hiding from the royal commission, and has instead twice given evidence to it.

No, he was not “Bishop of Ballarat”.

No, there is no evidence that Pell was “very complicit” in the abuse of children and should be “facing charges”. (That is defamatory and Dee Madigan should be ashamed of herself.)

I would also praise Paul Bongiorno for his (implicit) defence of Pell, accused of shielding pedophile Gerald Ridsdale, but Henderson does have an important caveat:

During his regular Thursday chat with Fran Kelly on Radio National Breakfast yesterday, the left-of-centre journalist Paul Bongiorno opened up for the first time in public about his time as a student and, subsequently, a priest in the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat. Let’s go to the transcript…:

Paul Bongiorno: … I grew up in Ballarat. I went to Ballarat Catholic schools — St Patrick’s College and Drummond Street, run by the Christian Brothers. And I was inspired by what I heard and by the lives of men — both priests and brothers — by the ideals and the values that they had in terms of social justice and human welfare and well-being and belief in God, to go off and become a Catholic priest…

I know Gerald Ridsdale. I lived in a presbytery with him in Warrnambool. I’ve had the victims approach me to appear for them in court cases. Let me tell you this Fran. I had no idea what he was up to. And when people look at me quizzically, I say: “Well look, let me tell you this. There are married men and women now who sleep with their husbands and wives who don’t know that their husband or wife is having an affair.”

Let me tell you that Ridsdale never came into the presbytery in Warrnambool and said: “Guess how many boys I’ve raped today?” They hide it. It was certainly hidden from me…..

Talk about double standards. George Pell (born 1941) has been implicitly criticised by David Marr for having “noticed nothing” when he shared accommodation with Gerald Ridsdale in a presbytery in Ballarat. But, so far at least, Marr has not criticised (the then Father) Bongiorno (born 1944) for not having noticed that Ridsdale was a child sex abuser when he shared accommodation with Ridsdale in a presbytery in Warrnambool.

However, Paul Bongiorno is correct. Criminals — including sex offenders — rarely boast of their crimes. And paedophiles tend to be very cunning in hiding their criminality. What’s surprising about Paul Bongiorno’s comment is that he waited so long before stating that, once upon a time he shared a presbytery with Ridsdale. Moreover, Bongiorno has criticised the Cardinal — tweeting on 24 August 2014: “How does George Pell sleep at night?”