“Rape is OK in our culture…”

The Muslim Obssesion With SEX
Islam is fundamentally a religion built on signs of uncontrolled sex addiction. Muslims are complete and out of control sex addicts. All they talk about is sex. All they think about is sex. 6-year …
Pamela Geller, WND: “U.K. Rape Jihadis: ‘This Is OK In Our Culture’
Larry Pratt: Obama Follows In Hitler’s Footsteps, Creating A Race War To Take Away Our Guns
We recently noted that Sen. Ted Cruz has agreed to be the “first of several” Republican presidential candidates to join the far-right gun group Gun Owners of…
Disgrace……..but then again, “what difference does it make?”
Shrillary Emails Reveal She Didn’t Know Murdered Ambassador’s Name
Among the revelations from Hillary Clinton’s emails responding to the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, which were released by the State…  TRUTHREVOLT.ORG
Radical London preacher Abu Haleema banned from promoting his views online
A radical  preacher from London has been banned from using social media to promote his views after being arrested by Met detectives on suspicion of…  WWW.STANDARD.CO.UK
Democrats want Obama to relocate 60,000 Muslims from SYRIA into the U.S.!
Democrats are demanding that Obama move to bring in 60,000 Syrian refugees and resettle them in America, with  the majority being Muslim. — JEWSNEWS.CO.IL

4 thoughts on ““Rape is OK in our culture…””

  1. Radical London preacher Abu Haleema thinks ….
    Congratulate me non-believers – I had to work REALLY hard to look this stupid and moronic- but being an islam helped !
    (actually – to be honest it is really an inbreeding birth defect – so it came naturally for him)

    “My wifes also like the opportunity to hide their identies islam provides – so they will not be struck by embarrassement if recognised out in public without me !”

    I also wear my nice white shull cap in public to hide the purple foot disease (tinea) mark I have on my forehead from slamming my head on the carpet five times a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year – ad infinitum (just to prove I am really truly a submitted muhammadan admirer and moslem

    There is no such thing as a muslim (“one who gives himself to God” )
    There can only be a moslem (“one who is evil and unjust” )

    1. is the one standing on the right of the photo behind Haleema with the hand with the raised index finger on Haleema’s left shoulder a male (?).

      Definitely NOT a man !
      Definitely NOT a woman !
      Could be a female !

      Keeping in mind you can be a male yet not ba man !
      Keeping in mind you can be a female yet not be woman !

      Therefore – islams can only ever be a male or female !

  2. Now that was just plain nasty of me.
    what dear Abu was actually thinking – was ….

    Ain’t I a cutie!
    (You can tell this by Abu’s “aren’t I a naughty boy” look!)
    He is photographed mentally masturbating in his dress !

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