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Islamic organisations are now fighting back to protect a billion dollar industry that thrives on labelling Australian products as “halal certified”. Now that the extortion racket has been exposed, Aussie shoppers are shunning the “certified” products to the dismay of Australian manufacturers and processors.


An avalanche of Australian companies are now declaring their products as “non-halal certified” to protect their domestic market, and the Muslim mobsters who control the racket are incensed at their potential loss of income.

Not to be outdone, Islamic certification activists, who go by the names of Charkawi Wesam and Abu Hanifa, are fighting back, naming and shaming Australian companies who are refusing to pay (or who are avoiding paying) outrageous sums of money to be “certified” as halal.

The implication is that Australian companies must first make their products halal compliant so they can be “certified”. Those that refuse will suffer trade bans.

Arnott’s, who has been resisting threats to its export markets from Muslims, is described thus on their web site:

“Arnott’s clearly states that its “non-halal” status extends to ‘every product’ bearing the name “Arnott’s” even the non-cream biscuits and Tim Tams. The company has clearly demonstrated a reluctance to change its stance on this community issue.”

The site declares in respect of Flora products:

“Pork based gelatin is contained in Flora and Pro-activ Light, Ultra Light and Flora Pro-activ Olive spreads. Whilst there are some products ‘Flora Original’ that are certified ‘halal’ by AFIC (The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils) people need to be aware of the Pork Based ones. An investigation is continuing to determine the process and contamination factors that require compliance before halal can be granted.”

In relation to Golden Circle products the site states:

“Alcohol based flavours are used across some of the products of the Golden Circle and Original Juice Co. juice and orange ranges. Furthermore, after speaking directly to Golden Circle, it is clear that alcohol is used to derive certain flavours. The flavours are used and it is claimed that the alcohol is burnt off. However, with no oversight or some minimal monitoring in the very least, nothing can be substantiated.”

No “monitoring” will commence until the fees (of up to $30,000 pm) are paid.

The site claims this about Smiths Chips:

“Smiths advocates a clear status of non-Halal certified, but says instead – that their products are ‘Suitable for Vegans.’ This means that some of their products do not contain any animal products. It must be noted that when it comes to food, the assumption is non-permissibility until it is proven Halal. Therefore, the onus is for Smiths to prove why they are Halal and simply claiming suitability for vegetarian without any oversight, and possible cross contamination work methods cannot be ruled out.”

“Smiths states that seeking Halal certification is on their agenda and they have been responsive to calls made.”

[Typos, grammar and misspelled words have been corrected to make the above quoted material more legible.]

It is clear that pressure is being applied to Australian processors to either comply with halal requirements or risk exports being cancelled.

One Queensland exporter has lost his entire Indonesian market by refusing to comply with Muslim certifiers’ demands.

Another NSW processor, who held out against Muslim demands for massive “certification fees”, eventually had to capitulate to save his business but was fined for not complying when asked to and made to pay loaded back-fees applicable to when he was first told to pay up.

All Australian exporters are being targeted in a world-wide $2.5 trillion extortion racket run out of Saudi Arabia with an Asian arm in Indonesia (MUI) that oversees dozens of certifying agencies here in Australia .

Certifiers make a quick phone call to Islamic importers overseas and Australian exporters who refuse to comply are told to pay up or lose their export markets.

The web site also states this: “Not Halal Australia is now coordinating nation wide with other halal organisations and scholars to determine companies that attempt to avoid halal certification.”

The ABC and Fairfax (along with a certain radio station that advertises and promotes the discredited Arab Bank) naively believe “halal” is all about the inhumane slaughter of animals but if Minister Barnaby Joyce decides to return my calls, I will hand him proof of a massive extortion racket raising “certification” funds that go to terrorist organisations, laundered through “charity” front companies here in Australia.

You obviously don’t want to rock the boat Barnaby, so we will, and you better have your swimmers handy!


In case you missed this yesterday, a secret deal about where your halal money will go, 30% to the World Muslim League, who funds the Muslims Brotherhood, a terrorist organisation!

A NUMBER of the region’s top Muslim leaders signed a secret deal in Mecca last year to tie up more of the $1 trillion halal certification market.
The meeting was called by a Saudi-born ultra-orthodox Wahhabi leader in a bid to set up a new umbrella organisation and investment fund to control the boo

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Secret Mecca meeting to control $1 trillion market
A NUMBER of the region’s top Muslim leaders signed a secret deal in Mecca last year to tie up more of the $1 trillion halal certification market.


  1. About “halal contamination certification
    Apparently islams think ….
    …. the onus is for Smiths to prove why they are Halal and simply claiming suitability for vegetarian without any oversight, and possible cross contamination work methods cannot be ruled out.
    …. etc

    Wrong – Stupid islams – (Oh Dear – a double Adjective w/o a subject)

    OK – muhammadan or moslem ! (can’t seem to stop doing double Adjective for Stupid)

    Whatever …. stupid islams
    …. the onus is on you to prove you have the right to continue to reside in Australia !!!!
    (ie. after completing your jail terms for fraud and all your other criminal activities)
    – you stupid islams can’t prove the right – so after your jail release (if you survive) – goodbye or “goodbye

    …. you (stupid islams) ARE required to make complete repayment of all monies fraudulently received for the criminal “halal contamination certification” scam – amongs others !
    This includes welfare fraud for a start !

    NB: this also includes the cost of your wife’s “shoe collection” – Butt Hole !

  2. islam and halal need to be banned from western shores and a massive class action needs to be raised to sue for all of our money that the mooseskums have stolen from Australian consumers.

    send the halal scammers broke (in the red) and running from our nation.

    damn islam, damn mooseskums, damn halal. Get out of my country!

    1. Ban Halal totally from the West. And if the Muslim world retaliates, ltes see how long they can sup on oil. A few days maybe – for thats all they have.

  3. Going halal really worked well for cadbury, s they had to put off 80 workers recently due to falling chocolate sales
    lost some of their customer base to other manufacturers

    me for one and I told them so ppppffff

    but I do like halal bacon thats the best (sarc)

  4. Muslims make up 2% of the otherwise civilised Australian population? And they blackmail the majority into endangering their health (at least mental health) by force-feeding them halal-infected products?
    I have just discovered that even SAN REMO pasta is HALAL infected.

    I will forego pasta until I find a healthy, non-Halal-infected one.

    Whenever I think of HALAL, I cannot get that “muslim-groomed” young girl who disappeared via the UK muslim grooming gangs. Last seen above a Kebab shop, and then never again —- that is never again life. Horrible rumour has it that body parts of her were integrated into the Kebabs sered a that Kebab shop.

    So, HALAL, thank you , every woman wants to lose weight, and you are the best appetite suppressant. I just have to think about that girl, victim of islam.

  5. “It must be noted that when it comes to food, the assumption is non-permissibility until it is proven Halal.”

    This contradicts the Qur’an, as any reader may see for themselves. For example, see 5:3, 4, 5. This is a site allowing various translations to be compared:

    Maududi’s Tafsir gives the text:

    [3] You are forbidden carrion9 and blood, the flesh of swine and of that animal which has been slaughtered in any other name than that of Allah,10 and of the strangled animal, and of that beaten to death or killed by a fall or gored to death or mangled by a beast of prey -save of that you duly slaughtered while it was still alive11 -and of that which is slaughtered at (un-godly) shrines.12- 13 It is also unlawful for you to try to find your fortune by means of divining devices,14 for all these things are sinful acts, Today the disbelievers have despaired of (vanquishing) your religion; therefore do not fear them but fear Me. Today15 I have perfected your religion for you and completed My blessing on you and approved Islam as the way of life for you,16 (Therefore observe the limits prescribed by the Law); if, however, one, dying of hunger, eats of any of these forbidden things, provided that he is not inclined towards sin, he will find Allah Forgiving and Compassionate.17

    [4] They ask you what has been made lawful for them. Say, “All the good and pure things have been made lawful for you.18 You may also eat of what the hunting animals, which you have trained to hunt in accordance with the knowledge Allah has given you, catch and hold for you,19 you should, however, mention Allah’s name over it,20 and fear to violate the Law of Allah, for Allah is swift at reckoning.”

    [5] All the good and pure things have today been made lawful for you; the food of the people of the Book is lawful for you, and your food for them,21 Likewise you are permitted to marry chaste believing women or chaste women from among the people who were given the Scripture before you22 provided that you give them their dowries and become their protectors in wedlock; this permission is not for sensual license or secret illicit relations; whoever rejects the way of Faith, all the deeds of his life shall become vain and he shall be a bankrupt in the Hereafter.23

  6. 22 This refers to the Jews and the Christians. Permission to marry only their women has been given, and that, too, with the provision that they should be chaste (muhsanat). There is a difference of opinion in the details of the application of this permission. According to Ibn ‘Abbas, a Muslim may marry from among the women of the People of the Book who are the subjects of the Islamic State, but is not permitted to marry from among the women of the People of the Book living in the regions which are at war with the Islamic State or are living in a territory of the unbelievers. The Hanafis differ a little from this and consider it undesirable, though not unlawful, to marry women from among the People of the Book living in a foreign territory. On the contrary, Said bin Musayyib and Hasan Basri are of the opinion that the Command is of a general nature; therefore there is no need to make any kind of distinction between the People of the Book whether they are subjects of an Islamic State or living in a foreign territory.

    Besides this there also is a difference in the interpretations of the word muhsanat. According to Hadrat `Umar, it refers to virtuous and chaste women. That is why he excludes characterless women of the People of the Book from this permission. Hasan, Sha`bi and Ibrahim Nakha`i are of the same opinion and the Hanafis also approve of this. On the other side, Imam Shafi`i takes it to mean free women of the people of the Book as opposed to the slave-girls from among them.

    23 The warning that immediately follows the permission given to marry women from among the People of the Book is very significant. The Muslim who makes use of this permission has been warned to guard his faith and morality very cautiously against the influence of his unbelieving wife. There is a genuine danger that his deep love might render him a prey to wrong creeds and acts of his unbelieving wife and he might lose both his Faith and morality, or he might adopt a wrong moral and social attitude which might be against the spirit of his faith.”

    Note that the rules in the Qur’an allow muslims to eat what their hunting-animals bring down for them, as well as animals slaughtered by Jews and Christians AND our other foods, as long as they do not CONTAIN pig products, blood or alcohol. We do not eat carnivorous animals (such as dogs and cats) ,carrion or strangled animals, either.

    If in doubt, a devout muslim can pray over the food and it is thus halal.

    Note particularly where Maududi explained how freeing the halal rules were (they are far less restrictive than rules about kosher food):

    “However, the Qur’an did the opposite of it and gave a detailed list of the forbidden things and made all other good things lawful. This was a great reform, for it set human life free from many bondages and opened wide the doors of the vast world for mankind. Before its revelation only a limited number of things were lawful and the remaining vast world was unlawful, but this verse declared a limited number of things unlawful and made the remaining vast world lawful.”

    In conditions of duress or necessity, there is also leeway. I recommend that readers READ THE QUR’AN. For example, see these verses from chapter 2 (the chapter of the cow): “[168-169] O people, eat of what is lawful and clean in the earth and do not follow the ways of Satan, for he is your avowed enemy. He enjoins you to commit vice and indecency and induces you to attribute to Allah’s name things you do not know to be from Him.
    [170-171] When it is said to them, “Follow the Commands that Allah has sent down,” they reply, “We will follow only what we found our forefathers practising. Well, will they go on following their forefathers even though they did not use common sense and did not find the right way? The mental condition of those who rejected the way of Allah may be likened to that of the cattle whom the shepherd calls but they hear nothing except the sound of shouts and cries. They are deaf, they are dumb, they are blind; therefore they do not understand anything.
    [172-173] O Believers, if you are true worshippers of Allah alone, eat without hesitation of the good and clean things wherewith We have provided you and be grateful to Allah. Allah has only forbidden you to eat what dies of itself, and blood and swine flesh and what has been consecrated to any other name than of Allah. But one will incur no sin if, forced by absolute necessity, he eats of any of these forbidden things, provided he has no intention of transgressing the law and does not take more than what is absolutely indispensable: for Allah is very Forgiving and very Merciful.”

    Almost everything edible is halal, according to the Qur’an. The exceptions are few.

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