The Age of the Ka-but-niks

KABUTNIK  is variation of the German word ‘kaputt’- which means broken.

A Ka-but-nik is one who proclaims to be all for free speech, but….. These days, America seems to be ruled by KABUTNIKS.

Tony Abbott calls ISIS ‘death cult’ and the Left goes wild

 Ezra Levant of talks about the latest incidence of Orwellian newspeak,, this time out of Australia, where PM Tony Abbott is in trouble for calling the Islamic state a ‘death cult’…
Media rushes to abandon the principle of freedom of speech

Here is a terrific video showing the mainstream media rushing to abandon the principle of the freedom of speech and to establish and reinforce the principle that in the face of violent threats, we should surrender and give those doing the threatening what they want.

This only means that we will get more violent threats. After all, they work.  (thanks to Jihad Watch)


One thought on “The Age of the Ka-but-niks”

  1. Home Affairs Editor Mark Easton ‘compares extremist preacher Anjem Choudary to Gandhi and Mandela,’”

    Simply because Ghandi and Mandela wanted change. Bad choice of role model – Hitler and Pol Pot would be far better analogies.

    But neither of those were failed uni students who took to much acid then adopted a death cult’s ideologies and exacerbated an already seriously compromised ability to think clearly.

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