Trying to force the “Rohingya” on us

Of course it’s Abbott’s fault… No doubt the Mediterranean problem is also Tony Abbott’s fault:

– just as the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865 was his fault
– just as the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was his fault
– just as the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 was his fault…
People smugglers would rule the world if bleeding heart morons like Burnside, Power and Rintoul had their way….

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“Rohingya refugee”s on a boat drifting in Thai waters. Source: AFP
Refugee advocates sheet home blame to PM for regional tow-backs
Self-appointed Australian refugee advocates have sheeted blame for the refugee tragedy in Southeast Asia on to Tony Abbott, saying the Prime Minister’s turnback policy has emboldened Asian maritime authorities and lives are being lost as a result. THEAUSTRALIAN.COM.AU
Muslims are not our citizens, says Burma as thousands are left to drift at sea 
Burma was criticised by the United Nations for fuelling the crisis in the Andaman Sea, where thousands of persecuted Rohingya Muslims are drifting in open boats | The Times
Australia must review asylum policies: expert

What kind of “expert” would that be? Why, a corrupt lackey for the UN of course:

A leading International Relations expert has called for major reform of Australia’s asylum seeker policies saying the nation leads the world in cruel and inhumane treatment of refugees.

Speaking at a public lecture, Australian National University (ANU) Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations John Minns said Australia’s current refugee policies had been condemned by almost every relevant body.

“The UN High Commission for Refugees has condemned the policies, the UN Human Rights Commission has condemned the policies, and our own Human Rights Commission has condemned the policies,” Associate Professor Minns said.

Australia has received strong criticism from human rights bodies for its asylum policy.

In his maiden speech, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein said Australia’s policy of off-shore processing was creating a chain of human rights violations, including arbitrary detention and possible torture following return to home countries.

To hell with Mohammedans and their useful idiots! We know what their agenda is and we’ve had enough of it!
The Islamic invasion of Europe

The invasion of refugees into Europe, their dispersion throughout the continent, and the cultural consequences for the nations affected, constitute the latest chapter in the on-going fight for ethnic European survival:

We are being submerged. The invasive flood of illegals in no longer just …

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Do you know what Burmese people look like?
These people here are not Burmese, they are clearly Bengali Muslims:

The Refugee Action Coalition has offered only qualified criticism of Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Southeast Asian nations have been accused of “bouncing” boats but yesterday the RAC gave credit to Malaysia and Indonesia for having refugees living on their shores while Australia had “slammed the door”.

Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand have been criticised for sending Rohingya asylum-seekers back to sea on unseaworthy boats after finding them in their waters or after giving them food.

An image of people swimming for food — published in the The Weekend Australian — has fuelled outrage.

Mr Abbott said on Sunday he would not criticise other countries for turning back boats because people-smuggling must be beaten, but he said it was important to act with decency and humanely.

Human rights lawyer Julian Burnside QC urged Australia to help and said it could be argued the Abbott government’s policy of turning back asylum boats was a factor in the latest events.

“I think it’s an available ­position to say we have shown the region by our conduct that you can write boat people off as undeserving of the same degree of ­humanity that we enjoy and if countries in the region have picked up that message, it’s all the more shame on us,” he said.

Refugee Council of Australia chief executive Paul Power said pushing back boats should never be an option because it involved one country foisting its inter­national and humanitarian obligations directly on to another.

“Australia has shifted our obligations to provide asylum on to a reluctant Indonesia. If Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia now follow the Australian precedent and continue to push Rohingyas back into the sea, these people will die as there will be no country that ­offers them asylum,” he said.

“This is what the irrational and inhumane policy of ‘stopping the boats’ has resulted in.”

Mr Power tempered his criticism by stressing every effort must be taken to stop people-smugglers and criminal rings that prey on vulnerable asylum-seekers.

Ian Rintoul of the RAC said he opposed pushbacks because ­people should be allowed to land where they wished. “(Tony Abbott) is the only one in the region, there’s no one else providing that kind of booster talk about turning boats back and encouraging governments in defiance of international law,” he said.

In some respects Australia was now behaving more harshly to refugees than nations criticised by the UN last week.

“At least Indonesia and Malaysia still let some refugees onshore unlike Australia which has slammed the door shut on absolutely everyone,” Mr Rintoul said.

8 thoughts on “Trying to force the “Rohingya” on us”

  1. “Do you know what Burmese people look like?”

    “These people here are not Burmese, they are clearly Bengali Muslims:”

    Is is difficult to tell if someone is Muslim or not, because ( contrary to some people think-because they say you are racist if you are anti-Muslim) Muslim is not a race.

    They look Bengali of Bangladesh/Indian origin.

    Maybe they drifted into Burma during the partition of India.

    1. They certainly ‘drifted’, just like they ‘migrate’ to western countries. Migration is a religious obligation for the soldiers of allah, to make the world Islamic. The “hijra”, Muhammad’s flight from Mecca to Medina (622) is the beginning of the Mohammedan calendar.

    1. THEN
      in an instant …. suddenly it IS OUR PROBLEM
      they are everywhere along Australia’s (perhaps only northern) shores.

      It would be very wise to declare …
      – like Indonesia does with West Papuans, East Timorese and “Others”.
      (because – being islams they would soon be slitting Australian’s throats – just like they already do everywhere else).

  2. Get rid of the islam Appeasers in Australia !!!!!
    THEN ….
    STOP islams immigrating !!!!!
    Get rid of the islams already in Australia !!!!!

    No islam is to be allowed to freely walk onto or remain on Australias shores !
    Islams have only the intention of invasion by immigration
    Then when the islams numbers are deemed large enough
    – Whammy
    – Got ya
    – Sharia (islam) Australia !
    That is the “plan” – so stop the “plan” …. SO
    GER RID OF THE islam Appeasers !
    GET RID OF THE islams AND islam !
    (To the same place would be good)

    islamoamourers (islam lovers) are NOT GOOD for Australia !
    (or anywhere AND everywhere)
    Do you understand this simple statement
    • “Our” Politicians,
    • “Our” Politicals,
    • “Our” Local Government Councillors AND
    • The PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Self Destruct idiots of Australia !

  3. Too right NOT OUR PROBLEM.

    Tow the boats, if they scuttle them, burly the water and float on by. Bye bye.

  4. The UK government has thousands of documents from the 1880s proving the rohingya DID NOT exist until recently.

  5. Ethnically Bengali/ South Asian, by the looks of it.

    Long ago, their forebears would have been animists or Hindus or even Buddhists. But sometime in the past five centuries or more, their forebears – willingly or unwillingly – converted to Islam.

    And here’s the interesting thing: suppose the ‘Rohingya’ ditched Islam and converted en masse to a/ Buddhism or b/ Hinduism or c/ atheism or d/ Christianity. Does anyone imagine that they would cause anywhere *near* the same amount of trouble in Burma as they are now causing? And if they weren’t Muslims, there would really be no particular hassle about taking them in, in any number of countries. Incidentally, the majority ethnic group in Myanmar, the Bama, are *also* persecuting other *non-Muslim* non-Bama – mostly Karen and Chin – who are either Buddhists like themselves, or else Christians; yet funnily enough I don’t seem to see anybody in the ‘interntional community’ getting half as steamed up about the suffering of the non-Muslim Karen and Chin, as I see them getting steamed up about the ‘Rohingya’ Muslims…why is that??). I’m very happy to take in Karen and Chin Christian and Buddhist refugees; we have quite a few of them in Australia and they are causing no trouble, all the Christians have happily joined Aussie churches and within two generations they will all be intermarried and integrated. And yet again: somehow the Muslims seem to get to the front of every queue, whether illegal (boats) or legal (UNHCR sponsored) whilst Christians and other non-Muslims, usually *worse* persecuted than Muslims and in *more* danger and often though not always fleeing from Muslim persecution, barely get a look-in.

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