Wannabe Headchopper Beheaded

ISIS Allegedly Beheaded Australian Teen Who Attempted to Leave


A little warning to other idiots who think it might be fun fighting alongside psychopaths:

A MELBOURNE teen Muselmaniac who was close mates with terrorist Numan Haider has died fighting with jihadis in the Middle East.

Isn’t it infuriating how the lame stream media uses “teen” to downplay and minimise the threat? The MF is a fully grown Mohammedan savage, nothing  teenish about him.

Irfaan Hussein, 19, has been killed while fighting for Islamic State — with speculation either a bomb blast killed him or he was beheaded by extremists devout Muslims for attempting to return to Victoria.

He said he was not brainwashed but is enjoying life within the terrorist group.

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) allegedly beheaded a Melbourne teenager when he attempted to return home from Syria.


Irfaan Hussein, 19, also known as Abu Sufyan Al Australi, passed away in March. His family confirmed the information, but did not provide more details. Some believe he died in a bomb blast.

Authorities found his “international phone number in the room of one of the teens charged over the alleged Anzac Day plot.” He was also friends with Numan Haider, 18, “who was shot and killed after stabbing two police officers in Endeavor Hills in September.” The boys attended Lyndale Secondary College together. Friends and family told officials he turned to radical Islam when he visited the Al-Furqan Islamic Centre with Haider in 2013.

The Australian government believes over 70 Australians are in Iraq or Syria to fight with ISIS. In December, to curb the influx, the government banned all Australians from travelling to Syria’s Raqqa province. Officials cancelled over 75 passports and refused to issue passports to ten people. In March, the government reported they prevented over 230 would be jihadists from travelling to ISIS.

In August 2014, Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf posted a picture of his nine-year-old son holding a severed head. He captioned it, “That’s My Boy!”

High profile doctor Tareq Kamleh appeared in ISIS propaganda videos in April that showed him caring for infants in Raqqa, Syria. He said he was not brainwashed but is enjoying life within the terrorist group. His Australian colleagues called him a sleazeball who also dabbled in illegal medical practices, “such as using the medical records of female patients to force them into sex with him.”

Sharky Jama, 25, left a successful modeling and DJ career to join ISIS. His parents received a text message about his death in April. Australian teen Abdullah Elmir, 17, threatened Prime Minister Tony Abbott in an ISIS video in October 2014. An 18-year-old from Australia blew himself up at a Baghdad mosque in July 2014. That same month, Australian authorities arrested Musa Cerantonio, who was a major recruiter for ISIS.

Abu Ibrahim, who is believed to be an Australian national, escaped ISIS after spending six months with them. He completely approved of executing the locals for crimes. He watched a crucifixion and a young couple stoned to death for adultery. However, he left “after witnessing the horrific executions of Westerners in Syria.”

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  1. Hello there…….its me again………Don Laird

    I don’t know when this was posted, or the date relevant to it but here is the link to a great video….

    The group responsible for this is Nordfront, a Neo-Nazi group.

    It needs not be said that I do not support national socialism.

    What this video clearly illustrates is the hatred and anger manifest now in the growth of groups like this in response to the treason of the Swedish politicians, bureaucracy, judiciary and law enforcement.

    In fact, this treason manifest in Sweden can be found throughout all western countries including North America as our political masters bow to the wishes and demands of the Muslim and its Islam and the connivance of the Liberal/Left.

    In response to this treason, western patriots are looking for leadership and a rallying point to stop the cancer of the Left and Islam. Unfortunately there are groups like the Neo-Nazis who are providing just that, leadership, organization and a rallying point for patriots who are sick of seeing their countries culturally sodomized and virtually destroyed by treasonous, duplicitous vermin who come wrapped in the robes of self-entitled canons of multiculturalism.

    We will see more of this, much more and in addition to the rise of national socialism we will see an explosion of vigilante action against not only the Muslim and its Islam and the enablers of the same, the Liberal/Left but also against those who walk our halls of power and seek, out of a perverse sense of obligation to the Muslim, the destruction of all we have built and all we hold dear.

    Its cause and effect. Its the natural consequence of treason. Its inevitable.

    As for the video, these young men are giving Swedes a taste of what they voted for and what they will now endure for another 1000 years as the bootheel of Islam settles on their necks.

    The Swedes deserve nothing less than a lifetime of subjugation and humiliation. They have earned every second of it.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Why would any government prevent Allah Mo-f*cks from going to fight in the Middle East? Not only allow the Savages to leave, but actually encourage them to do so. Good Riddance, isn’t it?!

    Keeping them at “home” means having potential time bombs ticking away that could do major damage to one’s own people.

    Let the Bastards go!

  3. Current Version iteration #45 ….
    Start incarcerating (culling) our islam Appeasing ….
    • Politicians
    • Politicals
    • Local Government Councillors and
    • The PC (cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Self Destructs

    So that islam and its islams can be “Removed” from Australia (better from Earth)

    This is what “Our Authorites” ….
    • Politicians
    • Politicals
    • Local Government Councillors and
    • The PC (cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Self Destructs
    …. are responsible for (just in case you missed it previously) ….

    (the $100 billion per year cost of population growth via third world …islam… mass immigration)
    THIS is the REAL Reason for Australia’s economic woes
    OUR OWN “Authorities” With Their Own islam TAX !!!!!!

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