With psychobabble and keyboard hacktivism against headchoppers?

No Muslim will ever keep us safe from Islam:

Young Victorians will be asked to work on ideas, often online initiatives, to combat violent extremism and Islamic State propaganda.

There is no such thing as “violent extremism”.  The Islamic State does exactly what Muslims are religiously obliged to do. No lowly female who’s witness is only half of a mans will change that with a computer program. (SY)

The Myhack program is the brainchild of Curtin University anti-terrorism expert Dr Anne Aly, who will launch the initiative in Perth next week.


Dr Aly said IS was winning the propaganda war by using young people to attract recruits on social media.

Psychobabble and delusions against head chopping?

“The program provides young people who are at risk of engaging in violent extremism with an opportunity to participate in the development of solutions to violent extremism themselves,” said La Trobe member Jason Wood.

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Stripped naked and sold to the highest bidder: How ISIS is sending the ‘prettiest Yazidi virgins’ it abducts to slave markets in Syria

Landrock, Heinrich?
The magnificent pictures of Heinrich Landrock are no longer available on the internet. Here an Arab conqueror in Algeria with two captured Berber girls, who are his sex slaves.
  • ISIS committing horrific sex crimes against girls, United Nations has found
  • ‘They are sold naked to Islamic State leaders and soldiers at slave markets’
  • Terror group is targeting young girls from Iraq’s minority Yazidi community
  • It has previously abducted hundreds of Yazidis from across northern Iraq

ISIS is sending the ‘prettiest virgins’ they capture to slave markets in the Syrian city of Raqqa, where they are sold as sexual objects to the highest bidder, the United Nation’s Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict has said.

After the depraved militants attack their villages, they strip the girls naked, conduct virginity tests, evaluate their bodies and send them to twisted auctions, Zainab Bangura claims.

She discovered the gruesome extent of Islamic State’s sexual crimes against young women – particularly from Iraq’s Yazidi minority community – after collecting information from Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. 


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  1. The cartoon’s not bad. It should have mentioned peeling spuds (or the middle eastern equivalent) and cleaning toilets. Those guys won’t get anywhere near the 7-14 year old Yazidi and Christian girl sex slaves; they (the new idiot recruits from places like Australia) are the bottom of the jihadi pile, it’s only the blokes at the top who get the harems, the new recruits get to do the erk work or else become cannon fodder and blow themselves up.

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