Europe does away with itself

These people would be better suited to be held at an island off the coast of Italy and Greece until the fighting stops, then repatriated. Financially better able to help…  TUNDRATABLOIDS.COM
Austria stops processing asylum requests in EU quota row
Asylum applications will be registered but processing them has been suspended to ‘stop the Austria asylum express’, said its interior minister—WWW.TELEGRAPH.CO.UK
Either way, we’re losing:
Asylum applicationsin the UK  takes on average 12 years due to the back log so in all that time its illegal for them to work therefore we keep them in luxury their benefits far outway anything our own would get.
Station chaos deepens Italy migrant crisis
Italy’s immigration crisis intensified on Friday after a build-up of asylum-seekers at two major train stations resulted in clashes with police, an outcry from the right and fresh calls from Rome for EU help– – The Local
The allegation, which the Kurdish YPG denies, came as its fighters took back the key border post of Tal Abyad from Islamic State
DENMARK: Muslim immigration means “Danes can no longer sit on their own balcony and eat a ham…
MUSLIM immigrant gangs in Denmark are stronger than ever and hatred for the native Danish population continues to escalate. 10 NEWS In certain parts of…–BARENAKEDISLAM.COM
“A European Mission”


Brussels conference hears EU must tackle world poverty

“We don’t have the right to walk away from saving these people,” said Mr Goerens. “This is a European mission…..

European nations failing to meet 0.7% aid commitment due to ‘lack of political will’
MEMRI: British Paki  Doctor Urges Muslim Doctors from Britain and Sudan to Join ISIS in Syria
In a recently released ISIS video, British doctor Abu Omar Al-Muhajir calls upon Muslim doctors from Britain and Sudan to go to Syria to provide medical services….MEMRITV.ORG
Flashback: look at  this from 2008
Secret plot to let 50million African workers into EU
MORE than 50 million African workers are to be invited to Europe in a far-reaching secretive migration deal, the Daily Express can reveal today.

3 thoughts on “Europe does away with itself”

  1. Sheik,
    Fundraising for a new mosque in Fielding NZ. such a growth area , such a good cause.
    Already about 14 mosques in NZ.
    Thanks Sheik.

  2. Meet Cambo……

    The United States of America was built by young men like this……..talented, self sufficient, resourceful, fun loving with a clear sense of who and what they are and who and what they are willing to fight and die for.

    Now we have spineless, uninspired, feminized little children with no talent, no education, no courage, no character, no imagination and no goddamn soul.

    Its a crying goddamned shame.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. Hello there……its me again……Don Laird……

    Listen to the subtle terror in these bus passengers voices as they watch what happens at border crossings across Europe and the UK everyday.

    These bus passengers are in danger, serious danger.

    Not one policeman or border guard to be seen.

    This is the annihilation of Europe and the UK and the best reason for the citizens of the same to arm themselves and deal with not only the invaders but those who facilitated the invasion.

    Watch an excellent piece of video.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

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