More of that “nothing-to-do-with-Islam” rubbish


 More Mosques Are Only Part of the Solution

Australia’s top Muslim cleric, the Grand Mufti Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, argued that more mosques are the key to combating radicalisation.   More Mosques Are Only Part of the Solution



Massive airlift to bring home 20,000 British tourists in Tunisia
Terrified families were flown home from Tunisia yesterday in one of the biggest airlifts ever organised by British tour companies, after a deadly attack on a beach…DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Med migrant crisis: David Cameron under pressure to accept 1000s of asylum seekers
“Under pressure?” Who is behind this? Who can exert “pressure” to  a sovereign nation to import large numbers of unassimilable, undesirable welfare seekers?
DAVID Cameron is coming under increasing pressure to accept a share of 40,000 migrants who landed on Italian and Greek shores after crossing the… EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY HELEN BARNETT
‘French beheading suspect admits to killing’ 
The man suspected of decapitating his boss in an attack on a gas factory in France has confessed to the grisly crime, sources close to the investigation said on Sunday.– The Local
Report your children to police if you think they’re a terror threat


In the wake of the Tunisia atrocity, the Home Secretary warned it was difficult for the intelligence agencies and police to stop attacks launched by individuals who have…DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

The shooting in Tunisia.

“Witness accounts say Rezgui was seen laughing and joking among the midday bathers, looking like any other tourist.”

In other words: he looked like a moderate muslim until he didn’t.

I put two bullets in him, I haven’t slept since
Asylum – Czech Republic does not want any Africans, Poland only wants Christians
Asylum – Czech Republic does not want any Africans, Poland only wants Christians
80% of London Muslims Support ISIS

That’s why they call it Londonistan.

This is what the Islamization of a Western country looks like. Good luck with your integration and your moderate Islam. All the empty words in the world can’t change the fact that what’s happening in Iraq and Syria will be coming to the UK… sooner…


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