The Halal Racket: We Have Ways To Make You Like It

Liberal senator Cory Bernardi‘s inquiry into halal food has attracted a flood of hateful and sometimes downright bizarre submissions.Cory Bernardi’s halal inquiry has unleashed a torrent of anti-Islamic hatred
A Goddess-worshipping witch writes: “Thinking it was secular, I had been dedicating and offering it to my Goddess, which is important to my magic and my spiritual…  SMH.COM.AU
Islamic Fashion ‘Demands Attention’ says IFDC at Dubai Conference on Halal Products

“Dubai Exports has been working with local exporters helping them to acquire world class competencies and tap existing and emerging market opportunities. The global halal market is estimated to be worth AED 8.4 trillion (US$2.3 trillion) annually and the halal foods sector alone is worth AED 2.5 trillion

Its all Tony Abbott’s fault

Security guards at Australia’s detention centre on Nauru allegedly circulated videos of themselves having sex with asylum seekers who had been paid to participate, a former senior social worker on the island has claimed.

Nauru guards paid for sex with asylum seekers and filmed it, social worker claims

I hope this ‘social worker’ can present evidence for his claims:

“I was also told that because prostitution is legal on Nauru that no action was being taken against the staff members involved.”
What lies behind jihadist convictions

Intellectual heavyweights CHIP LE GRAND & DAN BOX from the Oz are totally befuddled why there are so many Mohammedan crims behind bars. You can try to read yourself through this garbage, but it is unlikely that you will learn something new. One of the highlights is this line:

‘Stealing from these people (the kafirs)  is fine.’ They don’t see it as wrong.’’– Islamic Council of Victoria spokesman Kuranda Seyit

Muslims led by charismatic, self-styled spiritual leaders are changing power dynamics among prison populations in parts of Australia, as they have in Britain. Source: News Limited

There are more Muslims behind bars in Victoria than Aborigines. In NSW, Muslims represent about 3 per cent of the population and 9 per cent of the prison population. When a community is being disproportionately thrown in jail, governments and research bodies are usually interested to find out why. This is the case with Australia’s indigenous population. It is not the case with Australian Muslims. Whatever the reasons behind the Muslim incarceration rates, governments and research bodies don’t want to know. Neither, it seems, do Muslim leaders.

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  1. The perp is a 26 year old Bosnian – since he ran over two unaware pedestrians and a female cyclist – killing all three – and then attempted to stab two elederly people and police with a knife – it seems likely that the gent is a muz – but lets not be too hasty to point the figure at the group that finds this kind of activity self-forfilling

  2. Its allowed for muslims to eat meat from Christians!!!

    Also even an Islamic Paper in germany wrotes that the “Certificates”Are against Islam,because if you want a CERTIFICATE you are only allowed to sell what they say and thats even against the Quran because it saif all is allowed what is not forbidden(Like PIG…)

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