Pamela Geller vs Erin Burnett: “Are you stoking the flames?”

Here’s the video, via CNN:

The terror suspect fatally shot by law enforcement in Boston yesterday, had plotted to behead Pamela Geller. CNN reported on the Boston terror suspect reportedly planning to behead Pamela Geller, Erin Burnett spoke with Geller over the phone to get her reaction. And Geller said right off the bat, “This is a showdown for American freedom. Will we stand against the savagery or bow down to them and silence ourselves?” Pamela Geller said that since her “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest in Garland, Texas was targeted, she’s had “an army of security” and has no intentions of “surrendering” to terrorists. Pamela Geller declared that “this is a war” and got a little fiery with Burnett when the CNN anchor questioned she’s being a little too provocative. Burnett asked, “Are you stoking the flames? Do you, on some level, relish being the target of these attacks?”
Pamela Geller took great offense and asked, “Who self-promotes to get killed?”

Geller, of course, is the activist who organized the “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest in Garland, Texas that drew two Muslim gunmen that were shot and killed. CNN is reporting tonight that Usaama Rahim had been monitored by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and was believed to have been radicalized by ISIS. He approached law enforcement officials holding a knife yesterday and they shot him, fearing for their lives.

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    There are times when I think the Muslims are right, and this is one of those times…………..maybe we should throw a few homos off of high buildings or hang a few dozen of these sexual deviants, mental defectives in reality…..from a few lamp-posts, would send a very clear message that politically active filth and perversion won’t be tolerated.

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