Egyptian president’s visit to Germany ends in chaos as MB supporters crash press conference

Egyptian president’s visit to Germany ends in chaos as MB supporters crash press conference

This is exactly what the exiled Iranian revolutionaries did in the seventies. They drove everyone crazy. All you ever heard was how bad the Shah was and the SAVAK, and how many political prisoners were in jail and how hard they were done by, by the Shah’s oppressive  system. And when Peanut Khadr dropped the Shah in 1979 to help the Ayatollah Khomeini to power, the Islamic revolution murdered hundreds of thousands. Up to this day, the Mullahs of Iran lead one of the most oppressive regimes in the world. The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt wants the same thing, nobody should be fooled by their victimhood propaganda. All these MuBro supporters should be rounded up and shipped to Egypt. Sisi knows how to deal with them.

Egyptian president’s visit to Germany ends in chaos as MB supporters crash press conference

A Muslima who apparently loves male abuse and barbarity – clearly an Isis and Muslim Brotherhood supporter – called Abdul Fatah al-Sisi a “nazi”. What a delusional hater these women can be. Germany needs to deport this burka terrorist asaps.

Sisi is no Nazi. Far from it. Sisi is a true hero of historic proportions. It’s almost unreal how he managed to quickly take control of Egypt while it was quickly descending into the hands of the mothership of all Islamic terrorism: the Muslim Brotherhood. The man is a saint. In addition, he has demanded that Muslim clerics take a deep look at themselves for what they teach in mosques, accusing them of breeding terrorism. One can only wonder how far it will be before we hear of murder attempts on Sisi.


A press conference held by Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Egyptian President Abdul Fatah al-Sisi ended in chaos on Wednesday when a young woman called out ‘murderer, fascist, Nazi’ at Sisi.

The press conference in Berlin was being held as part of a two-day state visit by Egypt’s controversial leader.

According to Spiegel, the young woman, who wore a hijab and was of Middle-Eastern appearance, was a medicine student from Mainz who had managed to get journalistic accreditation.

Egyptian journalists in attendance responded by rising from their chairs and shouting ‘long live Egypt’ in apparent support of the president.

A tweet by TAZ journalist Tobias Schulze showed the Egyptian press pack rising up to chant the protester down.

Trubel nach Pk #sisi
— Tobias Schulze (@tschlze) 3. Juni 2015

During the conference they had repeatedly applauded Sisi’s comments, an unusual occurrence in the somber environs of the Chancellery.

The young woman asked to be escorted from the Chancellery by police, citing fears of the hundreds of pro-Sisi demonstrators outside.

The visit is Sisi’s first to Germany and has been heavily criticized by rights groups due to the human rights record of the Egyptian state since he de facto took power in a 2013 coup.

Hundreds of supporters of the deposed Muslim Brotherhood have been killed by the Egyptian army and their leaders have been sentenced to death in mass rulings.

Al-Sisi blames Islamic ideology and the clerics for terrorism:


Germany supports Sisi, gets €8 billion
Germany supports Sisi, gets €8 billion
German chancellor Angela Merkel and with Abdel Fattah El Sisi after the announcement of the deal.

German technology giant signs record energy deal during Egyptian President el-Sisi’s visit to Berlin

World Bulletin / News Desk

Germany’s technology giant Siemens has signed 8 billion euro worth energy contracts Wednesday to build natural gas and wind power plants in Egypt.

The single biggest order in the history of Siemens was signed at a ceremony in Berlin, during Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s official visit.

El-Sisi and German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel joined the signing ceremony at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

“With these unprecedented contracts, Siemens and its partners are supporting Egypt’s economic development by using highly efficient natural gas and renewable technologies to create an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy mix for the country’s future,” said Joe Kaeser, president of Siemens, at the ceremony.

Siemens and its Egyptian partners Elsewedy Electric and Orascom Construction are planning to build three natural gas power plants, 12 wind farms and a rotor blade manufacturing facility in Egypt.

The projects will add an additional 16.4 gigawatts (GW) to Egypt’s national grid, according to a written statement by Siemens.