Sardegna: African invaders stage violent uprising, abduct bus drivers….

Sardegna is the playground of the Aga Khan. The rich and famous might have to look for safer places. Mohammedanism paired with Negro aggression is not exactly what high end holiday makers are looking forward to.


Hundreds of illegal African immigrants cultural enrichers have instigated a violent uprising, in order to prevent the transfer by bus to another accommodation. They abducted two bus drivers. The illegals should have been moved out of  the welcome center in Santa Maria La Palma and taken to Palmaduna. For the illegal immigrants invaders this is too far away from the urban centers. A few days ago there was a similar protest staged in Cagliari.  (Voxnews)

There is a long history of Muselmanic aggression in these ‘welcome centres’:

Rioters on Wednesday burned down an entire wing of Lampedusa’s detention centre in protest at expulsion orders issued to 100 Tunisian illegal immigrants.

Migrants” crossing Mediterranean exceed 100,000 this year

ATHENS, Greece — More than 100,000 migrants — many fleeing the war in Syria — have crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Europe so far this year, the UN refugee agency said Tuesday — and the arrivals in Greece have reached their highest level since the crisis began.
Citing national figures, the UNHCR said 54,000 people had traveled illegally to Italy and 48,000 to Greece so far in 2015, with another small fraction heading for Spain and Malta.–See More below the fold>>>

(Its not “many fleeing the war in Syria”. Its for the most part black African Muslims from places where there is no war, like Ghana, Senegal, Somalia, Eritrea, CAR,  Nigeria etc.)

Hunderte illegale afrikanische Einwanderer haben einen gewaltsamen Aufstand angezettelt, um die Überführung mit Bussen in eine andere Unterkunft zu verhindern. Dabei entführten sie auch zwei Busfahrer. Die Illegalen sollten vom Willkommenszentrum in Santa Maria La Palma nach Palmaduna in der Nähe von Sassari gebracht werden. Das ist den illegalen Einwanderern zu weit weg von den Ballungszentren. Anscheinend gab es bereits vor wenigen Tagen einen ähnlichen inszenierten Protest in Cagliari.


The numbers were announced as the European Union is struggling to persuade its 28 nations to adopt a quota system aimed at making the crossings less dangerous and easing the burden on Mediterranean countries.

In Italy, nearly 6,000 people were picked up over the weekend by a host of ships taking part in the EU-mandated Mediterranean rescue operation. Most were sub-Saharan African migrants who had set off from Libya.
The Italian coast guard and navy ships on Tuesday brought hundreds of migrants to shore in Sicily after having rescued them over the last few days. Officers wearing surgical masks and white coveralls directed the migrants to a processing tent set up at Pozzallo, a port in southern Sicily.
AP Television footage showed one officer dragging an immigrant out of a cabin and striking another man sitting on the deck of a rescue vessel.
In Greece, authorities said 457 people had been rescued from the sea in 12 separate incidents off the islands of Lesvos, Chios, Kalymnos and Kos — islands that all face the coast of Turkey — in 24 hours from Monday morning.
Another 304 people had made their way ashore Monday to Lesvos’ main port of Mytilene.
The UN agency said about half of the 600 people who arrive daily in Greece are heading to Lesvos — where numbers have shot up from 737 in in January to 7,200 in May.
“Record numbers of the refugees are arriving in flimsy rubber dinghies and wooden boats on the Greek island of Lesvos, putting an enormous strain on its capacity, services and resources,” it said.
Few migrants want to remain in debt-stricken Greece, where unemployment runs above 26 percent. Most aim to make their way to the more prosperous countries of Europe’s center and north. They usually travel by land across Greece’s northern border with Macedonia or cross the Ionian and Adriatic seas smuggled aboard ferries into Italy.
The International Organization for Migration said Greek arrivals this year have already exceeded the 2014 total. It’s tally was almost identical to that of the UNHCR: 54,660 in Italy and 46,150 in Greece.
According to the European Union’s border protection agency, Frontex, Syrians made up the largest group of people crossing illegally into the EU last year, followed by Afghans and Iraqis.

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  1. “…a quota system aimed at making the crossings less dangerous…”
    Why not just build a bridge? And then provide buses?

  2. Better solution: Put them in one big army camp. Beat the Islam outta them. Convert them to Christianity and form them into an army to Crusade against the Muslims and corrupt satraps who turned their homelands into Hellholes.

    1. Turn them into reverse mamluks or janissaries? But if we turn them into Christians, they will only sit there and pre-forgive their enemies, loving them as them selves and sing kumbaya. So nice idea but it won’t work.

      1. Richard the lion hearted and Charles Martel were Christians but they fought ‘slimes.

        Properly converted, educated & trained, those Black migrants would be full of fire for ridding their homelands of the Muslim occupiers.

        If they knew what Moe said about their ancestors and what he did to them, they’d be ready to take Muslim’s heads and proably skewer a few, too.

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