The Boycott Of Israel Is Intolerable

Ivan Rioufol: The Boycott Of Israel Is Intolerable

Did you know that a professor and his art students from Tel Aviv were refused entry to the Louvre and the Sainte Chapelle? Imagine that — art students being refused admission to the Louvre. How many of the art workks in the Louvre would escape destruction, do you think, if Muslims were to prevail in France — how many art works and religious artifacts of non-Muslims (Christians, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists) have been destroyed, over the centuries, by Muslims? Yet, at the instigation of Muslims and their left-wing crazed collaborators, a boycott against Israelis, or rather Jews, has begun, and one of the consequence is that Israeli art students are blocked from going to the Louvre. This fantastic news has not yet reached America. What will happen when it does? Anything? Nothing?

Ivan Rioufol’s fury and discussion offered here.

by Hugh Fitzgerald

In other news:

“From my family to yours, Ramadan Kareem.” —President Hussein Obama

‘RAMADAN KAREEM’: Obama Tweets Muslim Greeting for Ramadan After Church Slaughter 
While a massacre happened overnight in Charleston, South Carolina, Obama found it more important to send his Ramadan greetings this morning. His team is probably trying to get together the best ant-white and anti-gun narrative possible before addressing the shooting. But even Hillary had enough sense to send out her condolences. Check it out…⋆ Doug Giles ⋆

3 thoughts on “The Boycott Of Israel Is Intolerable”


  2. Most of France is already ALWAYS on fire thanks to muslims.
    I could care less if the Louvre was destroyed by them, too.
    France and it’s citizens have always been the traitors.
    No other country has been so masochistically PC.

  3. Betty,

    All I can say is that I will stand up for our Jewish folk , that I respect and admire the accomplishments of Israel and her people, and that I would not stop to help a muslim if he tripped over in front of me – rather I would expect that to be a diversion to an attack from behind. I would also say that history has shown us that if a muslim attack does emmanate there is not other solution other than the complete obliteration of the attacker – in this case the public safety comes before the often moronic judgements of our courts in these matters. It seems that allmost every muslim is a walking time bomb – so it really is about time that the community seriously discussed these issues – not to do so will lead to easily lead individuals committing pointless violence – as in the USA last week where a man murdered nine Christian Americans at prayer, ostensibly because of the color of their skin, but more truthfully as a stupid response to equally stupid decisions based on PC philosophies which have allowed black/black and black/white violence to flourish.

    I would like to make a point here, slightly off- course, and to do this I will use an example. A Nobel prize winner made the fair and unbiased statement that, since intelligence can be described as a product of an evolutionary system, we need to reevaluate the markers we use to measure intelligence. The statement is, to my mind, correct, but his words were hijacked by the left-wing communiity as being racist and so on, for which he lost his job. Incredibly that a goup of activists, equipped with only the minmal intelligence required to pass a low level humanities/social sciences degree, can destroy the career of a man whose work made fundamental progress in the understanding of how life works. On the same token many African/Amercans need to review their attitude to the community – the community does NOT owe you, rather you have to work to build the community – and you do not treat comments which challenge your self-induced conceptions of grandeur as being racist – you CAN learn from what others say if you are intelligent enough to listen!! The reader might note that the last paragraph says nothing about muslims. This is principally because muslims have repeatedly demonstrated that their only interest is in building a parallel society which will consume all others – so I do not believe that any arguments raised to address the significant problems of integration within many American communities will be relevant when applied to muslims – they have never had any interests in working within a productive developing multiracial communitiy- they seek only to impose their belief system onto others and different solutions are needed (athough links exist within both problem sets).

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