UK: Grooming Gangs, Sex Slavery & More Mosques Every Day

Fury as Dudley mosque cash offer is branded a ‘stitch up’

Plans for a controversial new mosque in Dudley have moved a step closer after worshippers offered council bosses £325,000 to end a legal dispute over the site earmarked for the development.

Dudley protest on June 13, 2015 – Birmingham Mail

Labour-run Dudley Council said it was considering the Dudley Muslim Association’s offer, which would hand the group ownership of the Hall Street site it hopes to build on.

The party’s West Midlands Euro MP, Bill Etheridge, added on Twitter: “Today is the day Labour announce they have sold democracy in Dudley borough.

“Apparently this council will agree anything for a price.

“We demand a local referendum – let the people decide.”

Another church turns into a mosque

St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Stoke-on-Trent in the UK was sold to Muslims after closing its doors due to the shrinking congregation.
Muslims bought the church after its closure, according to news reports in the British press.
Leaders of the church stated Christians in the area could now attend another church nearby

Muslims buy church in UK
Muslims bought the church after its closure, according to news reports in the British press. – World Bulletin
We were engaged!
Chesham man Sajad Ali accused of grooming 13-year-old girl says ‘we were engaged’

From the Bucks Free Press thanks to  Esmerelda Weatherwax

Sajad Ali, 35, of Brockhurst Road, was part of a gang of 11 men in Aylesbury who exploited two teenagers on a ‘massive scale’, it is said. The girls, both from unstable backgrounds, were repeatedly raped on an almost daily basis from the age of 12 or 13, the Old Bailey heard.

The first alleged victim told police she believes she had sex with 60 ‘mainly Asian’ men by the age of 16.


Four Musel-men charged for child sex offences in Rochdale

From ITV News

Four men have been charged with child sex offences as part of Operation Doublet, an ongoing investigation to tackle child sexual exploitation in Rochdale.

But Ali claimed he thought the girl was 18 and that the two of them were engaged.

In his police interview read to the court he said: “We went to my home and we had sex, after that I said do you want money? She said ‘no, because I like you, you’re a good man’, I said ‘fair enough’.”

He claimed the alleged victim had even asked him to meet her mum and he had gone round for a cup of tea. Ali said he had repeatedly asked the girl if she was ‘sure’ she was 18.

He said: “I say to her ‘do you want money’ and she said ‘No, no, I don’t want your money, I like you’.” “I wanted to get married with her, but when I find out everything that is going on [her sleeping with other men] I say I’m sorry I can’t. She even bought the ring.” He added: “Her and her friend, they have sex with boys to get money.”

The alleged victims thought they were in ‘relationships’ with their alleged abusers and spoke of the men as being their ‘boyfriends’, the court heard.

Vikram Singh, 45, Harmohan Nangpal, 41, Asif Hussain, 33, Arshad Jani, 33, Mohammed Imran, 38, Faisal Iqbal, 32, Taimoor Khan, 28, Akbari Khan, 36, Jerome Joe, 35, Sajad Ali, 35 and Sohail Qamar, 41, are accused of 49 offences including rape, sexual activity with a child, administering a substance to overpower for sexual activity and arranging child prostitution.

Each of the 11 men is said to have sexually abused the first victim, whilst Taimmor Khan and Akbari Khan sexually abused her friend.

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