The Invasion

Italian Nationalists are Refusing to Accept Renzi and the EUSSR’s “Migrants” in their Territories
The scale of illegal Africans invading Italy’s shores is increasing, and according to Michael Fallon, a senior British Royal Navy officer, approximately 500,000…
They no longer bother to call them ‘asylum seekers’ or ‘refugees’. They are just ‘migrants’.
Refugees: Boundlessly Reckless
 by Baron Bodissey
The following op-ed with a Swiss perspective on immigration was published in the Austrian daily Die Presse. Many thanks to JLH for the translation: | Gates of Vienna
By Bill Warner
My commentary on lumping all Muslims, jihadis and ordinary Muslims, into the same bucket. And if you don’t know about the concept of “umma” in Islam, you may learn something new.
The stakes are the highest they’ve ever been and Obama is gambling it all away.
Who holds the aces, who will go all in, who is bluffing and who has a tell that will leave them with nothing but a mushroom cloud.
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