The Ramadan Roundup So Far

What are Muslim leaders doing to reform their faith?

Dumb question. Nothing of course. Islam is perfect and will continue  to perfect itself until the whole world is Islamic and until there is no more resistance to Islam.

Andrew Bolt

Muslim apologists here and abroad like to explain each outrage as a reflection of some crime by the West – oppression, imperialism, marginalisation, demonisation.

But whatever the excuse, each fresh massacre – so many and now so florid with cruelty – gives the world reason to associate Islam with hatred and violence:

AN ATTACK on two tourist hotels in the Tunisian resort district of Sousse has killed at least 37 people, the interior ministry said.

The carnage at the popular Mediterranean resort of Port el Kantaoui on Friday came the same day as a suicide bomber killed 25 people at a Shi’ite mosque in Kuwait and a suspected Islamist attacked a factory in France….

The carnage began on the beach when a lone gunman pulled out a machine gun hidden inside of a beach parasol and opened fire…

The Health Ministry said the 37 dead included Tunisians, British, Germans and Belgians, without giving a breakdown. 

Terror  in Tunisia

In France:

A delivery man with known Islamist connections beheaded his boss and left the body, daubed with Arabic writing, at the site of a U.S.-owned gas factory in southeast France before trying to blow up the complex.

The assailant rammed his delivery van into a warehouse containing gas canisters, triggering an initial explosion, and was arrested minutes later as he tried to open canisters containing flammable chemicals, prosecutors said on Friday.

Police found the head of the victim, the 54-year-old manager of the transport firm that employed the suspect, dangling from a fence.

“The head was discovered hanging on the factory’s wire fence, framed by two flags that included references to the shahada, or (Muslim) profession of faith,” Paris public prosecutor Francois Molins told a news conference…

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve named the suspect as Yassin Sahli. He said Sahli did not have a criminal record but had been under surveillance from 2006 to 2008 on suspicion of having become radicalized by Islamist associates.

In Kuwait:

The death toll from a suicide attack on a Shia mosque during Friday prayers in the Kuwaiti capital has risen to at least 27, the interior ministry says.

Another 227 people were wounded, it added. Images circulating online show bodies on the mosque floor amid debris….

An Islamic State- (IS) affiliated group said it was behind the attack. IS has carried out similar recent attacks in neighbouring Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

However, this is the first attack on a Shia mosque to take place in the small Gulf state.

In the Islamic State – and appealing to some Muslims here:

“Don’t worry brothers, she won’t dissappoint you,’’ Australian jihad­ist Mohamed Elomar declared in his misspelled tweet, posted with an image of the young captive with sad and tortured eyes.

She was almost certainly Yazidi, one of seven slaves of Islamic State he claimed to have for sale for $2500 each…

The twice-married Elomar, 29, was reaching out to young Muslims to join him in the combat zone in Syria and Iraq and enjoy the same spoil of war: sex. ..

The uncomfortable questions for the Western world, including Australia, are why this debased appeal seems to be gaining traction with Islamic State’s target audience, which increasingly includes women, and why it’s not challenged more stridently in the public arena.

In an internet chat room recently, monitored by US researchers covertly keeping tabs on a presumed Islamic State recruiter, the discussion was explicit about the earthly pleasures available to young men who got into the fight…

Long persecuted because some of their beliefs derived from the Bible, [Yazidis] were branded devil worshippers by the Islamists and systematically rounded up. Up to 5000 Yazidi men were murdered and at least that number of women enslaved, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights estimated…

Dilara, 20, was taken to a wedding hall and held with about 60 other terrified Yazidi women and children. “From 9.30 in the morning men would come to buy girls to rape them … they were like animals … they would rape them and bring them back to exchange for new girls. The girls’ ages ranged from eight to 30 years … only 20 girls remained in the end.”…

Islamic State has sought to justify the sexual violence by claiming that Islam permits sex with non-Muslim “slaves”.

It is simply pointless to argue that Islamism and the reputation of Islam can be tackled by some show of goodwill from the non-Muslim West. First, it’s not true, but,, just as importantly, few non-Muslims would now believe it to be true.

The only way Islam can be made to seem a faith compatible with the West and not a threat is for Muslim leaders to reform it, not excuse it.

The number of such leaders here doing the work seem pitifully few. Does that mean the case is hopeless? The will missing?

Grave consequences must flow from the answer.