Brother Anjem and “the only solution to the cycle of violence”

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary says UK and the West to blame for Tunisia and France attacks

He is right, of course. Not submitting to Mohammedan mores incites Muslims. Nude women on the beach incites Muslims. There are a million things  infidels do that incites Muslims, and Muslims can only defend themselves against the cursed kuffar if they fight back and murder them. That’s what Mohammedan headbangers consider “normal”.

Choudary, , took to Twitter after Friday’s terrorist atrocities.

On Friday at least 37 people – including British nationals – were while a man was beheaded in 

At least 25 people were killed after a suicide bombing on a Shia mosque in Kuwait.

Choudary has laid the blame for the deadly attacks on Western governments.

He said: “The presence of French forces in Muslim countries & insulting cartoons are a cause of instability abroad & a cause of insecurity in France.

SHOCK: At least 37 people were killed after two Tunisian hotels were targeted [AP] 

“The only solution to the cycle of violence is to withdraw all forces all forces from Muslim land & stop the ideological war e.g. Burqa ban, Charlie Hebdo.

“Following the US regime in its barbaric terrorist campaign in Afghanistan Iraq & Syria will obviously have repercussions #HandsOffMuslimLand.

“David Cameron doesn’t want to take any blame for his regime’s terrorism in Muslim countries nor for his Gov.t’s oppression of Muslims in UK!”

Choudary, who had his passport seized last year as part of his police bail, admitted back in May he wished to travel to Syria and live under ISIS rule.

He said: “You know I think it is completely outrageous that anyone nowadays that wants to travel to Iraq and Syria is being treated like a terrorist.

“Not all of them want to fight – some of them want to go and experience the Sharia. Some people are sick of Britain and the prostitution, pornography and the demonising of Muslims – so why shouldn’t they be allowed to go and settle where they want.”

“I have made it clear I would love to go there [to Syria] with my children. What is wrong with taking my children?

“But I haven’t got a passport. Give me my passport and I will hold a press conference at Heathrow Airport and you can wave goodbye to me.”



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  1. Give Anjem Choudary back his passport and watch as the gutless dog doesn’t leave the sanctuary of the UK.

    And so apparently the western world is only define by prostitution, pornography and the demonising of Muslims. What a narrow minded turd. These things exist, which is great, but it’s only a tiny element of the diversity of the western world.

    Muslims be gone. You’re turds that are unwelcome in democratic society.

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