What did Judge Jeanie Pirro learn from from Pamela Geller?

WOW! Saturday night, Judge Jeanie Pirro sent a loud and clear message to the “PC police” who have condemned the victims of radical Islam in Garland, Texas. And she didn’t hold back.

Judge Pirro is spot on! Freedom of speech in America is non-negotioable. Period. End of story.

One thought on “What did Judge Jeanie Pirro learn from from Pamela Geller?”

  1. So she finally wised up, did she?

    Her original take on this was to blame Pam Geller for “provoking” the poor swarthy muslims.


    Re: “Judge” Jeanine Pirro said to pamela Geller: “But they (muslims) don’t believe in free speech as it

    relates to THEIR religion” –

    HEY “JUDGE!” Subjective desires aren’t valid reasons for murder – would you excuse any other attempted

    murderers who said “I though it was my right to murder her!”?

    “Well, OK then: if you really believed it at the time, then no crime occurred! Screw your victims’ rights!

    Case Dismissed!”?

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