Anne Aly is an expert on deconstructing counter-terrorism

…and that’s exactly what we don’t need, what we don’t want and what we can’t afford. She is also full of shiite.


According to this Fairfax profile, Q & A executive producer Peter McEvoy has absolutely no identifiable political leanings at all. Instead, he’s variously:

Stubborn. Naughty. Brave to the point of foolhardiness. A wildcard. A visionary … a symbol for all that’s wrong with “their ABC” … a martyr being crucified for the crime of airing confronting views … “He does like gotchas” … a “knockabout bloke” … “willing, determined and to my mind absolutely fair”.

Would it have killed them to mention that McEvoy is a leftist? It’s not exactly a secret. Piers Akerman has had enough:

Two weeks ago, I accepted an invitation to appear on next Monday’s Q & A program. I have now withdrawn that acceptance …

I shall review my position when and if the ABC shows it understands why it is subjected to criticism and indicates that it has undergone some redemption.

“Dr” Ann Aly. Each and every one of them a Mohammedan agitprop.

Might be a long wait. Incidentally, Anne Aly appeared on last Monday’s Q & A billed as “a counter-terrorism expert”. In fact, she’s an expert on deconstructing counter-terrorism. There’s quite a difference, as Roger Franklin points out. He also calls into question Aly’s claim that white supremacists have taken more lives in the US than extremist Muslims.

3 thoughts on “Anne Aly is an expert on deconstructing counter-terrorism”

  1. (Associate Professor Assisting islam) Anne Aly …
    Another “Twat Fool” who is punching way above her weight
    Observed NOT HAVING A CLUE (even accademically about ANY Reality) !
    Except how to apparently fool the “Academia and Authority Fools” whilst receiving a large income from it !!
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    (Associate Professor Assisting islam) Anne Aly …
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    (Associate Professor Assisting islam) Anne Aly …
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    (Associate Professor Assisting islam) Anne Aly …
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    (Associate Professor Assisting islam) Anne Aly …
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    But see for yourself – The Twat (Anne Aly) is an islam !!!!!
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    1. The Absolute ONLY THING any Human (islams are non-humans) needs to know about islam is in …
      Qur’an 9:29 …
      Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day,
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      Now …
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      If you Tell ME that Australia’s …
      • Politicians
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  2. Cold-Hands replied to Jack R
    Fri 03 Jul 15 (07:00pm)
    What else would you expect of the current ABC expert commentator on security issues, now seen and heard across ABC TV and radio? “Deconstructing” counter-terrorism is just taqiyya 101.

    Simple Simon replied to Jack R
    Fri 03 Jul 15 (07:56pm)
    The problem is not simply ignorant ‘experts’ such as Ms Aly. It is that without real challenge the system has been appropriated by an intellectually incestuous and self-serving elite that shuts out those who do not toe the party line.

    On her Curtin University web page Ms Aly lists as awards the following:

    2008 Edith Cowan University Dean’s Award for Best New Researcher
    2009 Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers Publications Award
    2011 Inducted into the Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame
    2011 Minister of Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Multicultural Community Services Award- Individual Category
    2013 Financial Review/ Westpac 100 Women of Influence

    The ‘Best New Researcher’, ‘Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame’, ‘Multicultural Community Services Award’ and ‘100 Women of Influence’ all speak to the self-referential and cabalistic nature of Australia’s New Class elite. They are worrying enough in what they show about how the structures of government, academia, and business have come together to form and legitimise a selfish priviligentsia who scratch each other’s backs to the detriment of the nation.

    However, most worrying in that clutch of gimcracks is ‘Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers Publications Award’. Her writings on Islam and terrorism have no value to a true professional intelligence officer trying to understand what is happening in Islam and the Muslim world; they merely solipsistically reflect the self-hating New Left/New Class view of the West onto itself.

    Our national interests cannot be served by such tendentious intellectual drivel and indoctrination. And yet, not only do Tony Abbott and the Liberals continue as they have for the past 50 years and do nothing seriously to counter this nomenklatura, they seem not to be aware of or recognise the problem.

    There are quite a few informed and savvy commenters:

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