Leftist Rabble Runs Amok @ Reclaim Australia Rally

Lefties and Anarcho’s getting pepper sprayed:

7 News Melbourne's photo.
7 News Melbourne's photo.

Reclaim Australia protesters have clashed with anti-racism groups at opposing rallies in Melbourne.

Police have been forced to use capsicum spray to quell crowds and break up tense encounters between the various protesting groups including the Coalition Against Racism and Fascism and right-wing Reclaim Australia.

Reclaim Australia Rally - Melbourne's photo.

Reclaim Australia, No Room for Racism rally in Melbourne

Chris Vedelago, Deborah Gough

Police have deployed capsicum spray and the horse squad, as well as hundreds of uniformed officers, in a bid to control violent protests near Parliament House.

Right-wing group Reclaim Australia had only just begun its rally at 11am when counter-demonstrators from anti-racism groups and anarchists attempted to breach police lines on Spring Street.

A small number of hooded and masked anti-racism protesters broke through and nearly reached screaming members of Reclaim, which included a man with Nazi tattoos taunting them with calls of “lefty scum”.

Police use pepper spray on anti-Reclaim Australia protesters.Police use pepper spray on anti-Reclaim Australia protesters. Photo: Luis Ascui

The anti-Islam group attracted about 50 protesters at its 11am rally, but numbers grew just after midday when about 60 supporters of the hardline United Patriots Front joined them.

The UPF was escorted to the rally from behind police lines and on the opposite side from the anti-racism protest groups.

Reclaim protesters clash with opposition protesters.Reclaim protesters clash with opposition protesters. Photo: Luis Ascui

“Need back up? We’re here now,” one of them said as they entered the secure protest zone.

The two crowds were separated 20 metres by two deep police lines, which left both sides screaming obscenities but not able to clash.

An anti-racism protester Kat Galea, is cared for after being pepper sprayed.An anti-racism protester Kat Galea, is cared for after being pepper sprayed. Photo: Luis Ascui

Mike Holt, head of Restore Australia, told Fairfax Media he was disappointed by the turn out of “everyday” Australians: “I can’t believe how small the crowd is. It’s terrible.”

Later when addressing the crowd, he said the protest was against the “creeping Islamisation of Australia”.

“This is a chance to tell people that there can be a different way… this is about keeping Australia, Australian,” he said.

Protesters gather in Melbourne.Protesters gather in Melbourne. Photo: Chris Vedelago

Blair Cottrell, from the UPF, told the crowd it needed “faith” and called for the Prime Minister to become involved.

“A faith can only be defeated by another faith just as strong. The faith we need now is the faith of our nation,” Mr Cottrell said.

“This is a gathering of Australian people, of Australian votes. Where is Mr Abbott?”

Heavy police presence at Parliament House as rival groups gather to rally.Heavy police presence at Parliament House as rival groups gather to rally.

Controversial pastor Danny Nalliah from Catch The Fire Ministries also spoke at the rally.

An anti-Islam protester.

An anti-Islam protester. Photo: Chris Vedelago

Some self-described anarchists were among the counter-protesters and a few others wore bandanas and face masks.

Counter-protesters said some members were treated after police pepper sprayed them.

Sue Munroe, a member of the Socialist Party, said she was attempting to hold back jostling protesters from police, but received a full blast of spray.

“We told people for months that it this would be a peaceful rally and we came here trying to help and we got hurt,” Ms Monroe said.

She said Palestinian community member Mazen Adel tried to protect her, but “copped” the full brunt himself.

“These racist are like Hitler. He was allowed to go for five years and this is Hitler again. We cannot allow this,” Mr Adel said

Grandmother Debra Holland had an altercation with a woman attempting to join protests behind police lines.

She said she placed a sign in front of the other protester before she was hit.

She said a woman seeking to join the protest was then pushed and shoved away by No Room for Racism protesters.

“I was just standing there and I put my arm out and she came and attacked me. I didn’t attack her,” Ms Holland said.

She earlier escorted a bride through Macarthur Street after she came to Parliament rather than Treasury by mistake.

“They shouted terrible racism at this beautiful bride and her father,” Ms Holland said.

No Room For Racism claimed victory, shouting: “make some noise because it is three-nil against the racists in Melbourne.”

A brief scuffle between protesters coming up Bourke Street led police to position a squad of officers behind the Windsor Hotel.

Police on horseback were sent in to quell ugly scenes when competing protesters from Reclaim Australia and No Room for Racism clashed on April 4.

Reclaim Australia will also rally in Adelaide on Saturday, and in Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and other regional centres on Sunday.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/reclaim-australia-no-room-for-racism-rally-in-melbourne-20150718-gif6oa.html#ixzz3gDfX8MUT

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  1. Instead of disrupting other peoples rallies,why don’t counter-demonstrators/protestors from anti-racism groups and anarchists should organize their own rallies?

    1. Because the Left and all of their subgroups (i.e. the anarchists and anti-racists Racists) are actually bullies by nature.

      Collective Courage.

  2. The Leftist PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Twats AND Twits …
    (islam Appeasing with their own Self Destruction Included)

    Calling Humans what the Racists, Bigots, islam Appeasing Leftist PC (Cultural Marxist Rent-a-Crowd) REALLY ARE !!!

    Wait until these Leftist dhimmis (brown nosers) of islam receive what the Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful islams REALLY want to give them !

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    so who’s the Racists Bigots Facists now then …
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    these Leftist PCer Fools & Idiots
    (will never learn – just die by islam)

    Now where will these Leftist PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Twats AND Twits …
    (They even have their own on-line rallying notification point)
    The “Normal Procedures” have been taken with their identifying personal details !

    1. Not many people who have some knowledge of Islam and its certified Crazies would disagree with any of your comments.

      The Leftie Loons would be snuffed out very swiftly by the very “people” (muslims) whose side they misguidedly are defending. . .if they ever became dominant! The biggest obstacle to dealing effectively with Islam in our civilized nations is the assortment of Traiterous White Trash opposing our efforts to do so. First we have to neutralize them. Once that’s done, we can purge Islam from our humane nations. Allahu Akhbar!

  3. I was there! I did not witness any attempt of the RA, RUAP and UPF to attack the protesters.
    I saw a men with a svastika but he was held by the police.
    The rallies hosted a composite soul, as RUAP people seemed very humble and available to appreciate any difference between Islam and the Muslims – possibly case by case.
    I could sense another soul of a more nationalistic character and anti-unions.
    The position of this soul (I believe “Restore Australia” is that Muslims and Islam are the same incompatible thing with the western culture and society.
    The third soul is the young UPF – which appeared to me aware of the inevitability of resisting even physically on the public square any intimidation. This soul seems much disappointed for the way Islam has behaved in Europe and Middle East… and ready to prevent this to happen in Australia.
    This three souls are clearly different but still have one thing in common: the repulsion of any religion or ideology of dictatorial behaviour and nature.

    The situation was also clear on ground: the leftist deserve the same threatement to see what offence of freedom feel like.
    They will not likely ever get one as their counterpart have showed a much better understanding of what freedom of speech is.

  4. Protesting vs people against islam, by pretending islam is an oppressed “race,” and not a global god-blaming crime-gang, IS RACIST!

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